Good Times in Charm City

It’s been a while since I had time to enjoy the technical conference scene. Thanks to my involvement with Circonus, I have plenty of action scheduled between RailsConf, Velocity and the Surge Scalability Conference. We attended RailsConf in Baltimore a couple weeks ago and had a great time. Circonus had an exhibition booth and we gave out tons of demonstrations, free swag and t-shirts. But the best part of any con is catching up with old friends and making new ones.

I finally met Mark Imbriaco of 37signals in person. Mark has been a valued user for us, giving plenty of awesome feedback during the beta and after our production launch. If you haven’t seen it already, check out Mark’s interview on He offers a lot of insight into 37signals’ operations and architecture. Good stuff.

Last but not least, a nice relationship blossomed out of our participation at RailsConf. I’ve been aware of the RPM service over at NewRelic for a while now. Although they sometimes market it as monitoring software for Rails, a more apt description would be to call it a kickass profiling tool for Ruby and Java applications. It’s very useful for tracking down performance issues within your application code. But what happens when the problem isn’t in your source code… or maybe you’re just not sure? Fortunately for NewRelic RPM users, the solution just became very clear.

We recently rolled out support for importing your NewRelic RPM metrics directly into Circonus! All of the application statistics available over NewRelic’s data API are now easily accessible inside your Circonus account. Correlate your application CPU and Response Time with HTTP first-byte and total duration. See the impact of optimizations on your end user experience! All you need to create your first RPM check in Circonus is the account id and license key (available in your application’s newrelic.yml).

Ironically, the one question we kept hearing over and over again at RailsConf was:

How is Circonus different from NewRelic?

The answer is simple; we’re perfect complements. Circonus offers a holistic view of your networks, architectures, systems and services. NewRelic RPM provides a detailed view of your application internals. Both support real-time analysis of their individual focus areas. It’s really the perfect monitoring combination for any serious Rails shop.

If you’d like more information on Circonus or how it can support your architecture, shoot us a line or stop by Booth 103 at Velocity this week. We still have plenty of black t-shirts to give away. 🙂