On the Move: Circonus Mobile

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here: a Circonus that’s optimized for low-resolution devices like your smartphone or tablet! For the past few weeks, eagle-eyed Circonus customers may have noticed links to the mobile site creeping into various places, such as the login page (login.circonus.com) and the application footer. Although we officially “flipped the switch” a few weeks ago to enable the new Circonus Mobile experience, it is definitely a work in progress. To visit Circonus Mobile, visit m.circonus.com or use the “Switch to Mobile Site” link in the main site footer.

The most common need when using Circonus on a smartphone is being able to easily and quickly respond to alerts, so we made alerting functionality a priority when developing this new interface. TheĀ Current Alerts and Alert History pages are complete, already having feature parity with the main site. Also fully implemented are the Account Profile and Account Brokers pages, along with the User Profile and User Preferences pages, but most other pages are being implemented in a phased manner, beginning with read-only versions. TIP: when viewing a paginated list of items in Circonus Mobile, you may swipe left and right to page through the list (if you’re using a browser which supports touch events).

Our long-term goal for Circonus Mobile is not only achieving feature parity with the main site, but going further with push notifications and other native app functionality. But to give you a peek into our short-term goals, we’re currently working on making the Maintenance page fully functional, and after that we will move on to read-only versions of the Graphs and Worksheets pages.

If you use Circonus Mobile and don’t see a feature from the main site that you want, please let us know! We’re continually implementing features on the mobile site, but we’re more than willing to rearrange our implementation roadmap based on our customers’ needs.