Announcing the beta release of the IRONdb Grafana Data Source

Our team is at GrafanaCon 2018 in Amsterdam this week, and we are pleased to share the news of the beta release of our IRONdb Grafana Data Source. IRONdb has been in production at some of the largest technology companies in the world for nearly a year now. The release of this data source enables existing Grafana users to simplify their TSDB operational workloads and expand their metrics capacity with IRONdb.

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The IRONdb Grafana Data Source also allows users to unlock the power of Grafana’s new Histogram and Heatmap visualizations. IRONdb is the only time series database to store histogram data, which allows users to access a wealth of metric metadata other than just aggregated percentiles and averages. To allow users to get up and running with these visualizations, we will be open sourcing our IRONdb RED Grafana dashboard. RED (Rate, Errors, Duration) dashboards surface all the crucial metrics needed to visualize microservice health.


In addition, we are pleased to announce that we will be open sourcing our IRONdb USE Grafana dashboard. USE (Utilization, Saturation, Errors) dashboards surface all the crucial metrics needed to visualize system host health.

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Stop by our booth at GrafanaCon 2018 to learn more about our Grafana Data Source, and learn how it enables best practice host and service monitoring with USE and RED dashboards. Or you can get in contact with us via our public slack channel.