Circonus Sees Accelerated Rise in Global Infrastructure Monitoring and IoT Deployments

Today we are excited to announce and share the significant momentum we’ve seen here at Circonus for the start of 2020, as more enterprises seek out machine data intelligence solutions that can underpin their digital transformation initiatives.

At the end of 2019, we launched our machine data intelligence platform, which enables enterprises to collect, store, and analyze vast amounts of data from sensors, systems and connected devices to gain extraordinary business insight and intelligence. In January 2020, we raised a $6.8M Series A1 investment led by Osage Venture Partners to help accelerate our sales and marketing efforts.

And in the fourth quarter of 2019, our sales more than doubled year over year. We’ve seen an increased demand for our machine data intelligence platform across multiple industries, with customers such as Joyent, SparkPost, SmugMug, Venmo, and Major League Baseball leveraging Circonus.

“With Circonus we have been able to merge application performance modeling with SLOs, Kubernetes monitoring, and traditional network and hardware monitoring at high (and growing!) scale,” said Riley Berton, Principal Site Reliability Engineer, Major League Baseball. “The richness of this high frequency data allows us to understand user and systems behavior with a level of detail we haven’t experienced as an organization before now. The ability to perform real-time analysis on billions of data points drives how we think about, and debug, performance for millions of baseball fans. Combined with a monitoring-as-code approach, our engineers get all of this delicious data out of the box with little to no time spent.”

“Our customers have zero tolerance for latency, and any second of downtime is money lost in terms of time and productivity,” said Don MacAskill, CEO & Chief Geek, SmugMug. “We were able to leverage Circonus’ histogram technology to assess and analyze our service delivery helping Flickr deliver photos about 25% faster today than it did last year.”

Coming off a strong end to 2019, I’m feeling very bullish about our trajectory in 2020, as we continue to have discussions with an increasing number of businesses who are looking to leverage machine data for competitive advantage. What we are hearing in the field is a sense of urgency on finding operational efficiencies and ways to drive top line growth in today’s digital world. Companies that learn to harness machine data to optimize operations, innovate new products and services, and create entirely new revenue streams, will be the clear winners in the Internet of Everything economy.

For more information, see the full press release here.