Circonus and StormForge Partner to Help Companies Optimize Kubernetes Performance and Cost

Kubernetes use has exploded, and its popularity only continues to accelerate. But Kubernetes has layers upon layers of complexities, so achieving its full benefits can take a lot of resources and time. That’s why at Circonus, we built a turnkey Kubernetes monitoring solution that makes it easier to monitor the health and performance of clusters. Our goal is to remove the burden from the users to understand the ins and outs of Kubernetes observability and to keep up with the constantly changing Kubernetes ecosystem.

In continuing with this goal, we just announced a partnership with StormForge, a leader in Kubernetes optimization and cloud-native performance testing.

“We immediately realized that Circonus and StormForge took a similar approach to our solutions, which is to help companies optimize their Kubernetes performance in a way that’s easy and efficient,” said Matt Provo, CEO, at StormForge.

Circonus’ Kubernetes monitoring solution enables users to immediately surface actionable insights into the health and performance of their clusters, providing health-check insights such as crash loops, job and volume failures, and pod pending delays. StormForge combines cloud-native performance testing with machine-learning powered optimization. The platform uses machine learning to automatically test, analyze, and optimize Kubernetes applications based on your cost and performance goals.

StormForge’s proactive optimization coupled with Circonus’s health and performance monitoring enable a full lifecycle of Kubernetes performance and cost optimization. Organizations can use StormForge’s predictive intelligence to proactively minimize risk and issues, and then feed analytics from Circonus into StormForge’s machine learning for ongoing performance predictions and optimization.

The organizations’ complementary Kubernetes offerings empower customers to improve performance, minimize downtime, and reduce costs.

“Combining the powerful monitoring and rich telemetry data of Circonus with the magic of AI and machine learning from StormForge delivers total operational clarity and predictable cost and performance to Kubernetes deployments,” said Bob Moul, CEO at Circonus.

If you’re interested in learning more, sign up to join a live discussion with Circonus and StormForge at KubeCon, November 19th at 2:00 pm Eastern. You can also read our announcement of the partnership.

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