Join Circonus at SLOconf 2022

As more companies aim to improve the reliability of their systems, they’re implementing Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) principles, and service level objectives (SLOs) are a key component of this. That’s why we’re looking forward to sponsoring SLOconf 2022 this May 9th-12th.

SLOconf will be a virtual “attend-while-you-work” event that will cover topics at all levels, from introduction to SLOs to actually applying them. The event will feature on-demand talks, live hand-on labs, and networking opportunities.

We’re excited to chat with SREs about their SLO challenges, questions, and goals, and discuss how Circonus is uniquely positioned to help enterprises create, measure, and optimize latency SLOs. We can also share examples of how our customers such as Major League Baseball leverage our platform to ensure their SLOs are accurate, and how they use them to ensure optimal user experiences.

Circonus histograms empower SREs to create SLOs and error budgets on-demand, and visualize real-time and historical latency data. Some capabilities include:

  • Accurately analyze SLOs to measure latencies and compliance with KPIs
  • Dynamically calculate aggregations on the fly and avoid the need to pre-calculate aggregations
  • Redefine SLOs as needed to keep up with evolving needs
  • Enable various teams to set their own SLOs rather than be forced to share the same pre-calculated aggregations that only a subset of the team can use
  • Alert on real-time SLO compliance issues, or if you are burning through your error budgets too quickly

Says Riley Berton, Principal SRE at Major League Baseball, “We use Circonus’ histograms extensively to surface issues before users notice them. We also have alerting set up such that if we start to burn error budget in latency for a particular service too quickly, we alert the team. The histograms enable us to identify these issues and make adjustments right away.”

For insights on best practices, check out our ebook, How to Correctly Frame and Calculate Latency SLOs.

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We can’t wait to see you there.