Telemetry Intelligence is the Next Generation of Monitoring & Observability

As the cost of computerization and connectivity continues to plummet, the number of computers, servers, devices, and sensors continues to rapidly proliferate — and they are generating an unfathomable amount of telemetry data. Telemetry data (the metrics, events, logs, and traces being generated by applications and IT infrastructure) is growing so rapidly, it is virtually impossible to quantify. Theo Schlossnagle, distinguished engineer and founder of Circonus, estimates that telemetry data is growing at the rate of 1×1012 every ten years — it’s doubling roughly every 3 to 4 months.

At a time when data has overtaken oil as the most valuable asset on the planet, telemetry is an entirely new and virtually untapped source of extraordinary business insights. It is data so dense and rich with potential value, it will eclipse traditional business intelligence as a source of competitive advantage. The typical enterprise is practically drowning in telemetry and only tapping a small percentage of its potential value.

If you’re wondering if your current performance monitoring tools are keeping up with the times, you’re not alone. The sharp increase in online activity driven by the global pandemic exposed weaknesses in the monitoring programs of many businesses. Many enterprises even today have inadequate monitoring deployments and practices in place. Many are unsure if they are even monitoring the right things. With the growing volume of telemetry data and the complexity of distributed systems, these challenges are only going to grow.

Without realizing it, the scope and complexity of your technology estate may well have expanded with little notice beyond your current monitoring capabilities. You may be only monitoring a fraction of the critical infrastructure that underpins the successful operations of your business. And you may be only one misstep away from a catastrophic outage or service degradation. Are you really seeing all the data you need to see and with enough clarity and timeliness to act decisively and proactively? The odds are you’re not.

Our latest paper, The Internet of Everything and the Rise of Telemetry Intelligence, highlights four major trends behind the explosion of data; the rapidly changing landscape for performance monitoring and its implications for the enterprise; and why Telemetry Intelligence is the next generation of monitoring, along with examples from multiple industries demonstrating how it can change your business.

The performance of technology and the ability to monitor it have never been more critical. Check out the paper now, and understand the art of the possible when it comes to harnessing telemetry without limits.