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IDC“With Passport, Circonus Adds a Real-Time Data Volume Dial to Observability Agents.”
Nancy Gohring, Research Director, IDC

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All your telemetry. All your apps and infrastructure.
One unified platform.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Gain complete visibility into your infrastructure across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. Contextual tagging, advanced analytics, and real-time intelligence help you prevent issues and reduce MTTR.

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Network Monitoring

Ensure reliable network operations with full visibility into every network component across your entire environment. Out-of-the-box dashboards and granular network data ensure you quickly detect the cause of performance issues.

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Application Monitoring

Understand the path of each request within complex multi-service architectures with end-to-end distributed tracing. Correlate traces with metrics and logs and gain the context you need to reduce latency, identify errors, and improve user experiences.

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Ease migration and reduce vendor lock-in with our support for open standards.

Our platform is built from the ground up to utilize standard, open source, and popular tools.

Open source data collection agent support

Circonus supports open source collection agents like OTEL and FluentBit.

Query language support

Out-of-the-box support for open query languages like PromQL, Lucene, and more.

Seamless Grafana dashboard integration

Circonus integrates seamlessly with Grafana dashboards so you can view your data where you want.

Dashboards based on OpenSearch

Visualizations exist as they do in OpenSearch, with extended capabilities.

Elasticsearch compatibility

Your Elasticsearch tools and integrations are compatible with Circonus, ensuring a faster, easier migration.

Simple. Powerful. Unified.

View logs, metrics, and traces across your entire environment in a single pane of glass

Circonus Data Types with Arrows
Circonus Dashboard

Why Circonus

A refreshingly simple approach to observability

Unified platform reduces tool sprawl and annual monitoring costs

Robust, modern architecture ensures data safety and unlimited scale

Transparent pricing enables predictable spend and financial planning

Single pane of glass to visualize all data improves visibility and speeds MTTR

Dedicated customer support regardless of tier to ensure success

Flexible deployment options including cloud and on-premises

No surprises with simple, predictable pricing.

 One flat rate, one bill

Convert all logs to metrics

Only pay for what you use

No retention limitations for metrics

No overage premiums

No surprise renewal costs

Monitor any stack with 300+ Integrations.

Circonus supports hundreds of different services and technologies so you can easily plug in your current data sources.

When it’s critical, it’s Circonus.


HBO Max uses Circonus for comprehensive, end-to-end visibility and instant alerting, so the provider can quickly resolve any performance issues and ensure the highest possible quality of service for its millions of subscribers.

See where Circonus can take you.

Learn how monitoring without limits can drive new levels of value and impact in your business and operations.