Brand Guidelines

Welcome to Circonus’ headquarters for brand guidelines and assets


The Circonus logo consists of an icon and wordmark. To ensure consistency and recognition, please use only the accepted versions below; don’t edit, distort, or recolor the logo.

Download Assets  

Circonus full color logo for light background

Full color logo for light background

Circonus full color logo for dark background

Full color logo for dark background

Circonus one color logo for light background

One color logo for light background

Circonus one color logo for dark background

One color logo for dark background


In cases where the Circonus brand has already been established, use of the icon without the wordmark is acceptable. Note that while the icon can exist without the wordmark, the wordmark cannot exist without the icon.

Circonus full color pictogram

Full color icon on light background

Circonus full color pictogram

Full color icon on dark background

Circonus icon one color for light background

One color icon for light background

Circonus icon one color for dark background

One color icon for dark background

Exclusion Zone

The minimum whitespace around the logo is the half height of the icon.

Exclusion zone around logo

Exclusion zone around logo

Exclusion zone around pictogram

Exclusion zone around icon

Exclusion zone height

Exclusion zone height

Minimum Size

A minimum height of 29px in digital or 10mm in print ensures legibility of the logo and icon.

Minimum logo height
Minimum icon height

Both the logo and standalone icon require a minimum height of 29 pixels.


Circonus’ official palette includes the colors within our logo as well as a variety of supporting colors.

Identity Colors

The Circonus identity colors are the four distinct hues used within our logo.

Circonus Blue

Circonus Green

Circonus Midnight


Accent Color

Circonus’ main accent color is a specific shade of blue. This color is used for links, buttons, and decorative elements throughout the website.

Circonus Accent Blue

Additional Colors

Beyond our identity and accent colors, we use a variety of other hues to enrich the brand experience. Orange provides the greatest contrast to the other colors within our palette and is reserved for highest-priority action items.



Light Blue

Dark Teal

Dark Grayish Blue

Medium Grayish Blue

Light Grayish Blue



Circonus uses the Font Awesome Pro icon set. For icons of larger size, we prefer the “Light” weight and, on white backgrounds, will embellish them with an offset light, gradient-filled circle. For smaller size icons, we prefer “Regular” weight and no embellishment.

Larger, light weight icons

Smaller, regular weight icons


For larger headings (h1, h2, h3), we use Roboto Slab, Regular Weight.

An h1 Heading

An h2 Heading

Circonus’ official font for body text and smaller headings (h3, h4, h5, h6) is Open Sans.

An h3 Heading

An h4 Heading

An h5 Heading
An h6 Heading

The is example body text. Sometimes it is bold or italic.

Both of these fonts can be downloaded or referenced via Google Fonts.


Illustration helps us to visualize abstract principles related to telemetry data intelligence.

Waves, dots, grids, spikes, and heatmaps — these types of shapes communicate the magnitude and complexity of data we collect and analyze. For more intricate illustrations, we avoid placing text over areas which might impair legibility.

Example waves

Wavesforms illustration

Example heatmap

Heatmap colors

Example dots

Dots illustration


Twinkle illustration


Circonus supports the use of photography to accompany brand messaging so long as it adheres to the following criteria.

  • Humans should be depicted within tidy, well-lit office environments.
  • Preferred attire is business casual, but the occasional t-shirt or hoodie is acceptable.
  • Facial expressions should be focused or cheerful, and always natural.
  • Avoid the use of desaturated or grayscale photos, or those with any obvious color filters.
  • Avoid close-ups of faces.
Example photo 1

Example photo, team members in office

Example photo 2

Example photo, smiling business woman


Words within our vocabulary that receive specific spelling and casing:

  • Circonus
  • IRONdb
  • Platform
  • Circonus Analytics Query Language, or CAQL

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