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Circonus Announces Record Q2 Sales and Significant Year-Over-Year Growth

Driven by demand for full-stack observability at scale and a desire to consolidate disparate monitoring solutions

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 3, 2021 — Circonus, the monitoring and analytics platform built for the modern-day enterprise, today announced record sales for the quarter ending June 30 and substantial year-over-year growth in annual recurring revenue (ARR). The Company said it is experiencing significant momentum in 2021 as more organizations look to consolidate monitoring solutions, unify observability metrics across the stack, and manage a significantly greater volume of telemetry data.

Highlights of the Company’s performance include:

  • All-time record sales in Q2 – eclipsing the previous record set in Q2 2020.
  • 100% year-over-year growth in ARR
  • Major wins with clients such as Redfin and Electronic Arts
  • Strong renewal and expansion performance with 175% net revenue retention over the prior 12 months
  • Strong bookings backlog with consistent multi-year contracts

With digital transformation initiatives accelerating, Circonus is seeing increased demand across multiple industries, with customers such as Major League Baseball, HBO, Xandr, and Joyent leveraging the platform to deliver exceptional quality of service to their customers and users. Many companies turning to the Circonus platform are looking for more scale, more accuracy, faster resolution time, better data correlation, and the ability to dynamically calculate SLOs. They are either replacing legacy monitoring solutions and open-source tooling or consolidating multiple solutions in an effort to centralize all monitoring within one platform while reducing annual monitoring costs.

Circonus’ innovative, patented technology enables it to collect, store, and analyze telemetry data at unprecedented volume and frequency – over 1 trillion measurements per second. Circonus gives organizations the ability to monitor all their infrastructure, network, applications, cloud, and containers in one unified platform, giving them better visibility, faster troubleshooting, and the ability to correlate insights across systems and business units to drive better, more accurate decisions. From historical analysis and capacity planning, to log linear histograms for measuring latencies and SLOs, engineers have the advanced, modern capabilities they need to elevate the relevance and impact of monitoring to business success.

“Our clients and prospects come to us because they are looking to simplify their lives, reduce cost and complexity, and implement a monitoring solution that ‘just works’ at scale,” said Bob Moul, CEO, Circonus. “The reality is that today’s complex IT environments have placed greater strains on monitoring teams, and legacy, disparate monitoring tools create silos of data, afford no single-source of truth, and collapse as data volumes grow. Circonus’ ability to collect highly granular telemetry data at infinite scale in combination with its advanced analytics tools and reliability make it the most powerful monitoring platform available and uniquely equipped to handle the evolving requirements of engineers responsible for delivering the highest quality of service to end users and customers.”

About Circonus

Circonus is the monitoring and analytics platform built for the modern-day enterprise. Circonus delivers crystal-clear, real-time visibility of the behavior, health, trends, and performance of traditional infrastructure and cloud-based technologies in one powerful, unified platform. Led by experts in large-scale distributed systems and data science, Circonus is pioneering the way that telemetry data at scale is leveraged throughout the enterprise to drive smarter operations, deploy faster, make better decisions, and deliver mission-critical services with confidence. To learn more or create a free account, visit

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