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Circonus Simplifies Monitoring & Observability for Large Enterprises

Spring Release adds enhanced analytics, turnkey dashboards, and over 300 integrations to meet the needs of the most demanding enterprises

PHILADELPHIA, May 11, 2022 — Circonus today announced the latest release of its enterprise monitoring and observability platform with a focus on extending coverage and improving ease-of-use. The Spring Release adds features across all four components of the platform: Ingestion & Alerting, Visualizations and Reporting, IronDB time series database, and the Circonus Analytics Query Language (CAQL). The solution now also includes a conversion facility to migrate Graphite queries to CAQL.

“Our Spring Release further extends the enterprise capabilities that our partners such as Major League Baseball, HBO, and Redfin rely on to ensure their internal and customer-facing solutions deliver the best customer experience no matter what,” said Bob Moul, CEO of Circonus.

The main features of this release include:

  • Circonus Unified Agent – The new Circonus Unified Agent creates a single agent that enables customers to collect telemetry data from over 300 different technologies. Circonus now includes support for VSphere, VMWare’s cloud-based virtualization platform. VSphere is the leading virtualization technology for large enterprises. Also, Circonus added observability capabilities for Oracle’s DBMS, extending its industry-leading support for the grid.
  • Support for OpenTelemetry (OTel) – Circonus now supports OpenTelemetry, allowing customers to use open telemetry integrations within their platform and submit data natively into the Circonus Broker. Additionally, during the data ingestion, Circonus can adapt OpenTelemetry Histograms into the OpenHistogram format.
  • Turnkey Streaming Dashboards – The latest release includes new dashboards for a number of integrations, including Google Cloud, Docker, Apache, Oracle, vSphere, and more. Circonus dashboards now stream data automatically, updating graphs in real-time so users have the most recent information without having to refresh the screen.
  • New Metrics Explorer – The new Metrics Explorer in Circonus enables users to more quickly identify the primary KPIs they care about and automatically save them as graphs and add them to dashboards. New histogram visualizations and legends further enhance the visibility and ease-of-use.
  • Performance & Memory Improvements – Circonus continues to improve the performance of the application and database with this release, increasing performance of dashboards by 90%

“We continue to be impressed with Circonus’ ability to rapidly adapt to our growing infrastructure needs,” said Richa Sehgal, Technical Lead, Observability at Redfin. “We rely on them as partners to ensure that the Redfin platform is running at peak performance 24/7.”

The Spring Release builds upon recent additions to the Circonus platform to support distributed observability and edge processing. Gartner reports that by as early as this year, 50% of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed outside of a traditional data center or cloud, and that number could reach 75% by 2025. With today’s announcement, Circonus continues to support and engineer for the scale, demands, and realities of the modern-day enterprise.

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Circonus is the full-stack monitoring and analytics platform built for the modern-day enterprise. Circonus delivers crystal-clear, real-time observability of the behavior, health, trends, and performance of the entire enterprise footprint from edge to edge in one powerful, unified platform with flexible deployment options for cloud, private cloud, and on-premises implementations. Led by experts in large-scale distributed systems and data science, Circonus is pioneering the way telemetry data at scale is leveraged throughout the enterprise to drive smarter operations, deploy faster, make better decisions, and deliver mission-critical services with confidence. To learn more, visit

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