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  • The Argument for Connectivity Agnosticism Turning the corner It’s about push vs. pull… but it shouldn’t be. There has been a lot of heated debate on whether pushing telemetry data from systems or pulling that […]

  • There is a class of problems in systems software that require guaranteed delivery of data from one stage of processing to the next stage of processing. In database systems, this usually involves a WAL file […]

  • Introducing Quick and Simple Onboarding with C:OSI When we started developing Circonus 6 years ago, we found many customers had very specific ideas about how they want their onboarding process to work. Since then, we’ve […]

  • In our Circonus Labs public github repo, we have started a project called Circonus Instrumentation Packs, or CIP. This is a series of libraries to make it even easier to submit telemetry data from your […]

  • Avoid spike erosion with Percentile – and Histogram – Aggregation It has become common wisdom that the lossy process of averaging measurements leads to all kinds of problems when measuring performance of services (see Schlossnagle2015,  Ugurlu2013, […]

  • Jez Humble is a lecturer at U.C. Berkeley, and co-author of the Jolt Award-winning Continuous Delivery: Reliable Software Releases through Build, Test and Deployment Automation (Addison-Wesley 2011) and Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organizations Innovate […]

Advanced analytics

Harness powerful analytics to proactively optimize performance, resolve incidents faster, and make smarter decisions with confidence.

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Intelligent alerts

Real-time streaming alerts, analytic alerts, and composite alerts ensure you can prioritize issues, reduce false positives, and identify problems before they become outages.

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Dashboards & visualizations

Quickly visualize, query, and correlate data from across your stack in real-time dashboards. Analyze metrics, traces, and logs across your entire environment within a single pane of glass.

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