About Circonus

Circonus provides Big Data analytics and monitoring for Web-Scale IT. Developed specifically for the requirements of DevOps, the Circonus platform delivers alerts, graphs, dashboards and machine-learning intelligence that help to optimize not just your operations, but also your business. Proprietary Big Data technology and IT Operations Analytics tools enable Circonus to provide forensic, predictive, and automated analytics capabilities that no other product can match, and at a scale that other products can only dream of.

Our customers are operations, development, and business people who depend on large networks of servers to deliver value to their customers. This includes video on demand services, social networks, and news sites to name a few services. Their network could contain thousands of machines with even more of applications. Our customers ultimately want to know how their entire system is performing and we do that for them. We analyze all the details and tell them how each individual machine and each application is performing with as much detail as they require. For example, someone goes to a customer’s website, and loads the homepage – our customers care how fast that page loads. Our analytics can pull data from hundreds of machines, and provide detailed information on how all those machines, and applications, are performing. Our customers also want to know when something goes wrong and we do that for them, too.

We can help them predict what they will need tomorrow, during the next election cycle, movie premier or Super Bowl, and what kind machines to add and where to put them. We can tell them how much money they are making, how much they are spending on hosting, giving them a complete picture of their environment.

And we do it all in real-time with no scaling limits. Any Data. Any System. Anywhere.

Some highlights:

  • Circonus gives a cohesive view of how IT affects business, translating monitoring and analytics into business sense.
  • Circonus brings network monitoring back to a business intelligence system that is capable of graphing, trending, reporting and fault detection.
  • Circonus applies the same processing for “service is down” to “business is down.”
  • Circonus lets you know not just that your system is down, but why it’s down.
  • Whether you use the SaaS version, or install the application in your data center, Circonus offers the same capabilities.

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