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Webex uses Circonus to scale monitoring during a time of unprecedented growth

Circonus gives Webex full visibility into user experience and quality of service.

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In 2020, Webex usage quadrupled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and its global infrastructure estate also quadrupled in size. Availability and performance became mission-critical as businesses, government, and news agencies relied heavily on video-conferencing to navigate not only the pandemic but also a hotly contested presidential election and civil unrest.


A long-time client of Circonus, Webex was able to easily model its capacity requirements and scale its monitoring operations to keep pace during this unprecedented period of growth. Circonus is deployed directly in Webex data centers and used to track critical metrics such as connection rates and user-engagement across all its infrastructure and applications.


  • Webex is now delivering millions of meetings a day and billions of meeting minutes monthly with confidence. It recently announced its Webex One initiative to reclaim market leadership from Zoom.
  • Circonus now monitors some 100,000+ machines globally giving Webex full visibility into user experience and quality of service.
  • This exponential growth was achieved without an increase in software and support costs.

Advanced analytics

Real-time streaming analytics support accurate and timely operational and business intelligence.

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