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Reduce the risk of migration from Elasticsearch and Kibana. Easily import what you like into Circonus and work with tools you’re familiar with.

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As data volume grows, managing your ELK stack can become resource-intensive, while manual correlation across multiple tools results in longer MTTI/MTTR. If you’re looking for alternatives, Circonus removes many of the barriers associated with migrating from ELK.

Unlike other offerings, Circonus is an extension of the existing OpenSearch offering, and our comprehensive OpenSearch and Elasticsearch API ensures that all your tools and integrations are fully compatible with our platform. You’ll gain a fully-managed unified monitoring platform that lets you quickly visualize, analyze, and correlate your metrics, traces, and logs at any scale – whether from your cloud, infrastructure, or applications.

Easily import & migrate with full compatibility

  • Ancillary tooling and integrations are fully compatible with Circonus, so everything continues to work as is with no need for a proprietary agent.
  • Import dashboards, data stores , indexes, queries, alerts, and widgets from ElasticSearch directly into Circonus.
Circonus Import Saved Objects

Get started quickly

  • No re-learning. The ingestion pipeline, query language, and search are all the same.
  • Visualizations exist as they do in Kibana — with extended capabilities, like the ability to show alerts through like a dedicated alert widget in a dashboard, or the ability to create time series visualizations off both your logs and metrics.
Circonus Web Traffic Dashboard

Remove visibility gaps with unified platform

  • Unified dashboards provide all of your time series data, log data, and trace data from your entire environment within a single pane of glass.
  • Correlate metrics and traces with the relevant logs, so you can quickly identify root cause and resolve issues.
  • Manage alerts through the same UI to more easily see potential emerging issues.
Unified Dashboard

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Achieve more scale using less resources

  • Ingest, analyze, and store metrics, logs, and traces from any stack with unlimited scale.
  • Highest ingestion frequency — trillions of measurements per second — ensures you have the most accurate analysis.
  • Get infinite data retention at low cost, so you can keep your historical data for better insights and planning.
Circonus Web Traffic Dashboard

Gain better performance & insights

  • In ELK, queries slow down as alert volume increases due to polling. Not so with Circonus – alerts are triggered within seconds and query performance is not impacted.
  • Remove the effort of managing your ingestion pipeline and rest assured you have the capacity to handle log bursts and application chatter.
Circonus Alerting Ruleset

“With Circonus we have been able to merge application performance modeling with SLOs, Kubernetes monitoring, and traditional network and hardware monitoring at high (and growing!) scale.”

“The richness of this high frequency data allows us to understand user and systems behavior with a level of detail we haven’t experienced as an organization before now. The ability to perform real-time analysis on billions of data points drives how we think about, and debug, performance for millions of baseball fans. Combined with a monitoring-as-code approach, our engineers get all of this delicious data out of the box with little to no time spent.”

Riley Berton, Principal SREMajor League Baseball

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