Communicate Data Performance
& Behaviors Quickly Across Teams

Increase visibility across systems with Circonus’ powerful sharing tools. Know when issues arise within your systems as well as when issues are resolved and cleared by teams and team members.


ALERTING IN Continuous Monitoring

Solve Operational Problems Faster with Situational Awareness

Real-Time Alerts for Real-Time Data.

Integrate Circonus with the communication tools and apps your teams already use. Quickly notify teams when critical errors arise, and when they are cleared. Use webhooks to extend and to integrate easily with other software applications and services within your monitoring stack.


Share Graphs, Worksheets, and Dashboards with Team Members and Stake Holders

Better Calculations, Better Answers, and Better Decisions.

Circonus makes it easy to share visualizations on operations, business performance, and analytics for massive amounts of data. Instead of asking one-dimensional questions like, “Is it up?”, ask, “How is it performing today vs yesterday? Last week? Last month? Last year?” Instead of asking, “Is the queue over the threshold I set”, ask, “When will the queue empty out?” and “What kind of resources do I need to deploy to empty the queue?” or even “How does an empty queue impact the business bottom line?”

Instantly Share Worksheets

Create worksheets for reporting or as daily task management. Share multiple views, or send a quick screen cap to Slack.

Share Graphs with Anyone

Customize compound graphs and share application performance at a granular level with the click of a button.


Graph your data and use our analytics overlays and predictive algorithms to get real insight for troubleshooting potential issues, capacity planning, setting cost-effective SLAs, and more.

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From real-time processing for baseline statistics to advanced real-time analytics streaming, Circonus has an extensive analytics toolkit designed for operational intelligence.

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Programmatically adjust monitors and alerts as architecture evolves. Adjust and customize the UI and extend services with third-party tools like Python, Ruby, or Java.

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