Real-Time Dashboards & Interactive Graphing Tools

Discover operational and business insights, drive root-cause analysis and remediation, predict operational needs, issues and more.


Visualize & Analyze your Data

Customizable dashboards ensure better decisions, enabling you to investigate trends, predict outcomes, and discover insights. View system health, identify and troubleshoot potential issues, and more. Compose dashboards from scratch, or programmatically generate them using our API. Later, annotate specific observations and share what you’ve learned with your team members.

View all Metrics with a Single Pane of Glass

Cloud, On-Prem, or container based monitoring – Circonus can be configured to deliver the insights needed across ecosystems. Custom dashboard configurations built on the fly and shared with other team members allow multiple teams to stay connected. When issues arise, alerts and indicators in the dashboards help diagnose problems faster.

Application Performance

Customize compound graphs and dashboards that show application performance at a granular level or combined with business metrics to see wider business impact.

Automated Anomaly Detection

Automate anomaly detection using Circonus analytics that learn the behavior of the application data over time and can show when real-time data is not behaving as expected.

Historical Analysis

Analyze historical application behavior using additional built-in analytics tools to quickly see opportunities to optimize performance.

Capacity Planning

Leverage built-in analytics and all the data on actual past performance – never rolled up, never averaged – for more accurate capacity planning.


With real-time streaming analytics, Circonus has an extensive statistical toolkit designed to support operational intelligence.

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Reliable threshold alerting helps your team keep your systems and service quality up. Alert team members on early signs of trouble such as when data deviates from expected values.

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Programmatically adjust monitors and alerts as architecture evolves. Adjust and customize the UI and extend services with third-party tools like Python, Ruby, or Java.

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