IRONdb scalable graphite infrastructure

The Scalable Time Series Database
Now with a Grafana Datasource Plugin

The IRONdb Data Source adds support for histograms in Grafana.

Take Grafana to the Next Level

Unlock the power of Grafana’s heatmap panel and histogram visualizations

With this plugin, Grafana gains native histogram support with IRONdb

Add a whole new way to visualize & analyze high-volume data in Grafana.

Graphite Metrics
Whisper and Carbon Graphite

Scale your TSDB layer with IRONdb

Host your data on-premises with IRONdb or pull data right into Grafana from our hosted Circonus SaaS setup.

IRONdb operates within inside your TSDB infrastructure, compatible with the interfaces used by Graphite’s Whisper & Carbon, OpenTSDB, InfluxDB, Prometheus TSDB, and others.

Data science for everyone!

High-performance server-side analytics provide a statistical analytics engine that’s easy for anyone to use.

Pipeline based syntax that all UNIX users have been using for years. Rich set of statistical functionality that can process years of data quickly.

Want to learn more about IRONdb in your infrastructure?
IRONdb fits into your existing Grafana TSDB infrastructure, requiring zero changes to your data ingestion pipeline and interfaces. “Having been used in production for years, IRONdb comes with an administration UI and self-check tools to greatly reduce operational costs.”

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