If you can run it, we can monitor it –
from raspberry pi’s to full public clouds.

Circonus allows you to collect any data from any system, providing you with powerful visualization, analysis, and alerting tools which can be customized in any way you wish.
Real-time visualizations
  • Hours of data load almost instantly.
  • A graph with years of data that would take 5 minutes or more to load in other applications will load in less than 1 second in Circonus.
  • This allows us to do workflows and extensive computations that other tools can’t because they can’t get the data out fast enough.
Push or pull data from anywhere
  • API to push ‘computation’ in, or pull data out for external computation (like R or other analytics packages). Our API makes us open, customizable, and integrates with existing tools.
Runs on commodity hardware
  • Our SaaS product includes 7+ years of data retention, our Inside product is unlimited – you decide how long to keep your data.
Ensures Reliability
  • Fully redundant – data stored multiple times.
  • Fault-tolerance – Configure the system with as many levels of redundancy as needed. You can lose one or more nodes due to network partition or hardware failure and never lose data.
  • Availability –  Replicate and retrieve data intelligently so it is available for read and write operations, even in failure conditions.
Time-Series Database
  • “At Circonus we process a lot of data. We learned early on that some data can be sampled and some data cannot. The way you treat data when you ‘need it all’ to make good sense of things is radically different than the way you must treat sampled data points.
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Why businesses choose Circonus:
  • Scalable & adaptive monitoring in real time
  • Visualizations with limitless applications
  • Predictive analysis and alerting for proactive solutions
  • Keeps raw data for True historical analysis
  • Highly flexible and customizable tools
  • Infinite custom queries
  • The most accurate, fast, and scalable monitoring platform

“It is very important to see the effect and the cause. If I am monitoring the effects, and I can see the causes, it is much easier to take corrective action if anything begins to go wrong. Circonus is a great tool for monitoring business critical assets and providing insights into problems.”

– VP of Operations
PlasmaNet, Inc.

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