IRONdb scalable graphite infrastructure

The Scalable, General Purpose Time Series Database
Now with a Grafana Datasource Plugin
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Add IRONdb for Data Availability
and Data Safety

Add IRONdb for a Fault Tolerant experience
Your Data Never Goes Missing
Data replication ensures that if machines go down, your data is still available.
Data Replication
You No Longer Need a Cold Standby to Recover Your Data
Maintaining 2 or more copies of your entire physical architecture is costly and difficult to synchronize. The IRONdb TSDB automatically ensures your data is always safe and available.
IRONdb Authenticates and Protects Your Data from Bitrot and Other Errors with ZFS
Your data is always available and always correct, even if a TSDB node is taken down for maintenance.
Fast Data Storage and Recall
Push your data in and get it out quickly.

Add IRONdb to make your
Infrastructure Highly Scalable

Make Maintenance Easy
Seamless Upgrades
You no longer need to manually re-shard every time you expand your database.
IRONdb removes the time & cost of setting up new machines.
No Learning Curve
Keep your old UI. Just plug and play.
The IRONdb TSDB is compatible with Graphite-Web, Grafana, & more.
Preserve Your Data
You no longer need to shut off and delete metrics every time you expand.
The IRONdb TSDB handles high volume and high frequency data, solving your scaling issues.
Pay less per metric, because IRONdb runs on less hardware and keeps operational costs low compared to other Time Series Databases.
“Runs on up to 50% less hardware than the Whisper Database”
“Up to 100x the performance of Whisper”
Want to learn more about IRONdb in your infrastructure?
IRONdb fits into your Graphite Infrastructure, either replacing or working alongside Whisper and Carbon. “Having been used in production for years, IRONdb comes with an administration UI and self-check tools to greatly reduce operational costs”
Ready to enhance or replace your database?

Native Grafana Support

With this plugin, Grafana talks directly to IRONdb’s Data Store, with Graphite-Web.

Add IRONdb to gain access to limitless analytics
IRONdb is powered by Circonus, and allows Grafana to leverage the Circonus API and data analysis tools from your Circonus Inside Installation in Grafana:

  • Access your Graphite data from either Graphite-Web/Grafana or from Circonus.
  • Automate the process of on-boarding new machines.
  • Store the complete distribution of your data with raw histogram data.
  • Get access to Forecasting, Anomaly Detection, and more.
  • Ask Smarter Questions from your Data by writing custom analysis queries.

Comes with a built-in migration path.
Stand up IRONdb alongside your existing Whisper and Carbon components, then keep using Whisper until your migration is complete, maintaining your historical data.

Graphite Metrics
Whisper and Carbon Graphite

Add IRONdb Alongside Existing Backend Components

Fully compatible and runs alongside Whisper and Carbon

Use both backends in your installation

Graphite-Web accesses data from both Whisper and IRONdb’s Data Storage nodes.

Add IRONdb and replace all, some, or none of your Backend components

Replace all, some, or none of your Whisper and Carbon components.

IRONdb is compatible with all of the components of your Graphite Infrastructure
Add IRONdb, keep the components you want, then switch them off when you don’t need them anymore.

Metrics enter through IRONdb’s connector, directly into the IRONdb data storage backend. An IRONdb Data Storage cluster can replace your Whisper and Carbon components.

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