IRONdb is the Scalable TSDB, Now with a Grafana Datasource Plugin

  • Data is always available, even when nodes are in maintenance

  • Scales to handle extreme high-volume,
    high-frequency data

  • Robustly retain years of data

  • High availability, data replication –
    no cold-standby required

  • Expose histogram and text metrics

  • Push or pull metrics from anywhere


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Histogram Support

Unlock the power of Grafana’s heatmap panel and histogram visualizations; add a whole new way to visualize & analyze high-volume data in Grafana.

On Prem or the Cloud

Host your data on-premises or pull data right into Grafana from our hosted IRONdb SaaS setup.

Data Science for Everyone!

High-performance server-side analytics provide a statistical analytics engine that’s easy for anyone to use.

No Learning Curve

No need to change how you work. Continue to use your preferred UI such as Grafana, or Graphite Web, or even Circonus. The only difference you’ll notice is how much faster your favorite tools respond.

Keep Your UI

With the Grafana datasource you get the power of Circonus’s real-time monitoring tools within Grafana’s familiar UI.

Runs on Less Hardware

Reduce your operational costs by eliminating infrastructure, or expand capacity to monitor just about anything across your organization.

“IRONdb allows us to cost effectively expand our metrics storage infrastructure to meet our constantly changing needs and the demands of our never ending growth. In addition IRONdb provides redundancy, easy cluster management and more advanced analytic capabilities all of which were sorely lacking in our Open Source Graphite infrastructure.”

-Christopher Bowman,
Sr. Director, Data Systems Operations at AppNexus

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