Experience fully automated monitoring with the Circonus API

The Circonus API is designed to allow users to quickly and easily make adjustments as their architecture evolves

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Easily customize monitoring and alerts

Easily customize monitoring and alerts with Circonus’ RESTful API.

Circonus REST API

Circonus is an API-driven service. Our RESTful API enables users to quickly make needed adjustments as their architecture evolves and requirements change.

With Circonus, the API front-end is you or, more specifically, anything you want to write against our APIs.

Create internal tools using Python, Ruby, Java, PHP, or another language to write functionality to turn knobs, register checks, configure alerts, and otherwise extend and tailor the Platform’s capabilities to your organization’s needs.

Customize the UI

The web portal “front-end” we provide to our customers is one interpretation of the Circonus API. Our customers can, and have, created their own front-ends.

Integrate with anything

The Circonus “back-end” can be accessed via the API to any system. The data extracted from our back-end can be as simple as events, which are fed into an existing ticketing tool, or can be complex data extractions fed into more sophisticated statistical computing applications like R.

Use outside tools to customize the Platform

Use tools like Python, Ruby, or Java programs to write, turn knobs, register checks, configure alerts, and otherwise poke and prod at your Circonus account.

Stretch, flex and scale

The back-end/front-end delineation is quite important here. In an API-driven service like Circonus, the front-end is you. You can write anything you want against our APIs with services, third-party tools, and even internal tools.

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Put your data to work

Custom visualizations

Circonus delivers alerts, graphs, dashboards and telemetry intelligence to optimize your operations. Visualize any data, in any application, from any system, in real time.

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Advanced analytics

Real-time streaming analytics support accurate and timely operational and business intelligence.

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Real-time alerts

Highly reliable threshold alerting ensures system, service and sensor quality across your networks. Real-time intelligence enables rapid remediation, powering exceptional user experiences and business outcomes.

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Learn how monitoring without limits can drive new levels of value and impact in your business and operations.

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