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You’ve invested a lot of time and energy into your Graphite deployment and a complete replacement would be painful. But what if you could have the best of all worlds? What if you could keep all the things you love about Graphite and lose all the things you don’t?

With Circonus, you can keep all your dashboards, alerts, queries, and data – while gaining the benefits of a distributed, highly available enterprise-grade monitoring platform. Modernize your backend capabilities with Circonus IRONdb – our time series database that is a drop-in replacement for Whisper – or leverage the full Circonus monitoring and analytics platform for even more power and flexibility.

“We evaluated multiple monitoring platforms and ultimately selected Circonus because of its ability to collect, store, and analyze massive amounts of telemetry data at such high frequency and granularity. This is exactly what we needed to ensure our data analysis is accurate. We also liked that Circonus integrates with our Grafana implementation for visualizations, and that it provides comprehensive visibility across both our private datacenter and also our infrastructure in AWS.”

Richa SehgalSenior Software EngineerRedfin

Enjoy the confidence that comes with enterprise-grade scale, safety, and flexibility

  • Never worry about scale again. Ingest trillions of measurements per second in real-time and get limitless scale and limitless retention with zero compromises to performance.
  • Have peace of mind that your data is safe. Circonus operates with data replicated across multiple availability zones, stores multiple copies of data in a cluster of nodes, and ensures data retention in cases of network instability with its store and forward technology.
  • Get the flexibility you need in today’s complex IT environment. Easily customize alerts, queries, and dashboards, create custom metrics at no additional cost, and make adjustments as your architecture or requirements evolve.
Circonus High Availability

Easily import everything you love in less than 24 hours using our purpose-built tools for Graphite transitioning

  • Keep your dashboards. Circonus provides native support for every visualization tool within the Graphite ecosystem, such as Go-Graphite, Graphite-Web, and Grafana.
  • Keep all of your historical data. Import legacy data in near zero time, even for decade+ data. The moment Circonus receives the data, it’s indexed and immediately available.
  • Keep your alerts and queries. Circonus automatically translates legacy Graphite queries into the more performant Circonus Analytics Query Language (CAQL).
Circonus Dashboard

Boost performance, improve productivity, and lower TCO

  • Gain significant performance boosts. CAQL can run Graphite queries up to 200x faster. Use CAQL to create customized queries, power your dashboards, and analyze years of data quickly and easily.
  • Reduce operational overhead. Replace multiple, even hundreds, of Graphite services with just one Circonus service.
  • Be a hero to your team. Improve developer productivity by unlocking them from the time and costs it takes to run legacy, outdated, and unsupported Graphite ecosystem components.
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Collect, tag, and manage metrics easily

  • Collect metrics without even thinking about it. Collect StatsD, collectd, and any other carbon compatible tech with no effort. Immediately index the metrics and view in shareable dashboards.
  • Easily manage alerts and notifications with alerting integrations such as Pager Duty, Victorops, and Opsgenie, as well as Slack, email, SMS, webhooks, and more.
  • Slice-and-dice complex metrics easily with tag-based search and analytics. Use contextual tagging and containerized IDs to correlate data and insights and run the advanced queries required in the more modern IT environment.
Circonus Histogram

Gain professional support from Graphite experts

  • Leverage the Circonus ProServ team. No need to learn a new query language or install or run Circonus IRONdb – we do it for you, so you can free up resources from running and maintaining the solution, whether on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Benefit from expertise. The Circonus ProServ team are active participants in the Graphite ecosystem and will provide you with a roadmap on moving from legacy Graphite into the modern monitoring environment.
Alerts within Circonus App

Graphite Modernization Resources

Webinar: Modernizing and Scaling Graphite

Webinar: Modernizing and Scaling Graphite

Easily Scale Your Graphite Deployment

Easily Scale Your Graphite Deployment

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Three Common Challenges to Monitoring StatsD and How to Tackle Them

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