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Monitor any number of devices on any network to improve network device health and performance.

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Circonus network device monitoring provides full visibility into the health and performance of all the devices contributing to your network, such as switches, routers, backhaul devices, and more. Leverage dashboards, granular metrics, and data with context to quickly identify and resolve bandwidth issues and bottlenecks. Monitor network devices, infrastructure, and applications in one unified platform to correlate insights and optimize performance.

“If a piece of equipment is not behaving as expected, we can go to the interface dashboard, and it will show us all the metrics that we’re collecting about that interface. We can see exactly what the utilization is and what the errors are, or the optic levels to see if there are power or temperature issues. Anyone can quickly and easily go to a dashboard and see all this information for themselves.”

Jeremy Schulman
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Monitor with extreme scalability and flexibility

  • Monitor thousands of network devices and ingest millions of measurements per second in real-time with unlimited scale and unlimited retention.
  • Choose whichever device metrics you want and monitor any device on any network or subnet, with support for Cisco, HP, Dell, F5, Juniper, and more.
  • Monitor via SNMPv1, SNMPV2c, SNMP3, and sFlow.
  • Monitor firewalls, routers, switches, wireless devices, load balancers, and more.
Infrastructure Monitoring Scale

Mitigate issues and troubleshoot faster

  • Ingest, store, and analyze all of your network device, application, and infrastructure data in one unified platform so you can correlate data, understand how systems or issues are connected, and fix issues faster throughout your entire stack.
  • Leverage metadata to compare and contrast performance across devices, ports, IP addresses and more.
  • Build dashboards for all network devices and drill down to specific behaviors for each device. View dashboards in a single pane of glass with support for Grafana-based dashboards or Circonus in-product dashboards.
  • Create flexible alerting rules, such as when ethernet ports fail, to ensure you’re instantly notified when issues that matter occur.
Grafana Switch Dashboard

Gain real-time health and performance insights

  • Retain data indefinitely and set a baseline to better understand device performance and health.
  • Monitor performance and health metrics like inbound/outbound traffic speeds, operational status, fiber optic signal strength, temperature of each port, temperature of the device, and more.
  • Aggregate metrics across all devices by location and view the health metrics that matter. Quickly drill down into network devices, interfaces, firewalls, routers and switches. Monitor CPU, memory, temperature, fan and other hardware components. Drill down into throughput, packet and error rates, utilization, and wireless access-points.
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