Visualizations & Reporting

Leverage real-time dashboards and interactive visualization tools

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Visualize and analyze your data for better insights

Customizable dashboards ensure better decision-making, enabling you to investigate trends, predict outcomes, and discover insights. View system and sensor health, identify and troubleshoot potential issues, and more. Compose dashboards from scratch or programmatically generate them using our API.

Access real-time metrics through a single pane of glass

The Circonus Platform can be configured to deliver the accurate, real-time insights you need. Custom dashboard configurations can be built on the fly and shared to enable multiple teams to stay connected. Whether you’re looking at data gathered from millions of sensors or from large-scale IT infrastructure, Circonus makes it easy to access accurate, real-time insights and information.

Automated anomaly detection

Automate anomaly detection using analytics that learn the behavior of your data over time and can detect when real-time data is not behaving as expected.

Historical analysis

Analyze historical behaviors using additional built-in analytics tools and our extensive statistical toolkit to quickly see opportunities to optimize performance.

Capacity planning

As your infrastructure grows, leverage built-in analytics to review past performance — never rolled up, never averaged — for more accurate capacity planning. The Circonus Platform provides unlimited storage for highly accurate views of long-term trends in growth, usage, seasonality or other business changes.

Benefit from patented histogram technology

The Circonus Platform leverages patented histogram technology to deliver real-time, high frequency telemetry intelligence and insights, enabling users to see a more complete and real-time picture of their underlying systems.


Use histograms to visualize real-time metrics from continuous streams of data. A histogram is built by allocating data values into interval bins. Collected over time, successive histograms can reveal changes within the underlying data. Assess probability distributions, find disruptions and concentrations, discover extreme system loads or drop-offs, and derive new insights — all in real time.


Use heatmaps to represent histogram data in a color-coded matrix to better visualize usage patterns of a system measured over a period of time. Color points create a visual representation of the sample density of a given set of measurements.

Put your data to work

Advanced analytics

Real-time streaming analytics support accurate and timely operational and business intelligence.

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Real-time alerts

Highly reliable, low latency threshold alerting ensures system, service and sensor quality across your networks. Real-time intelligence enables rapid remediation, powering exceptional user experiences and business outcomes.

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Easy API integration

As your network and needs evolve, making adjustments is seamless. Easily adjust and customize the UI and extend services with third-party tools like Python, Ruby, or Java.

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