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Music Streaming Analytics

Music Streaming Analytics

“Are you processing the expected number of plays right now?

Circonus identifies engagement trends by providing custom analytics which can determine expected web traffic.

  • Identify engagement trends with custom analytics that determine expected web traffic.
  • Enable rapid insight on the volume of plays as your engineers monitor infrastructure, track volume of music streams started, and identify negative deviations retrieved via various channels.
  • Report on application and platform health using our flexible query language and outlier detection model.
  • Identify negative deviations, which is key to determining if there are too few music streams started.

Ecommerce Performance

Ecommerce Performance

“How can you mitigate shopping cart abandonment?”

Circonus supports positive customer shopping experiences by rapidly identifying performance issues with real-time alerting.

  • The Circonus platform supports performance alerting at the millisecond level.
  • Circonus data storage enables accurate recall of your system’s raw performance data, which means that you can identify precisely how many customers have been impacted by slow performance, not just your average latency.
  • Circonus keeps data for 7+ years, so you can access historical performance data and optimize infrastructure to help fulfill your business goals.
  • Anticipate performance spikes with forecasting based on historical data.

Email Delivery Service Providers

Email Delivery Service Providers

“Can your system flawlessly support you as your customer base grows?”

Circonus supports capacity planning by allowing engineers to view their infrastructure as a holistic system and thus rapidly assess system usage to mitigate system down time.

With Circonus Capacity Planning, you can ask the questions you want and get answers in seconds. Questions like:

  • “Alert me when I will be running out of disk space in 2 weeks.”
  • “Alert me when I will be out of memory in 2 hours.”
  • “Tell me if my disk usage will reach 1 Tb in less than 5 days.”
  • “Tell me when my CPU load, across my Cluster, will get to 80%.”
  • And more: If you can measure how much you have of something, we can predict when you’ll run out.

Cable Providers

Cable Providers

“Can you provide optimal web performance during peak viewing traffic for your customers?”

Circonus supports customer retention by optimizing peak viewing.

  • Optimal web performance requires real-time access and understanding of the behavior of all of your systems. Circonus enables engineers to rapidly assess the performance of an entire platform and determine whether they are meeting their SLA.
  • Flexible querying supports a deeper understanding of performance and works to identify optimizations which can better predict when systems should expand and contract based on customer demand.

And much more

And much more

“Can you really accommodate the challenges unique to my business?”

The Circonus API eliminates the need to tune individual metrics for individual servers.

  • Using the Circonus API, engineers can automate everything and write code to manage all of their monitoring needs.
  • With the API, engineers can treat Circonus as software and manipulate it to suit their unique environments and solve problems specific to their systems.
  • By starting with your infrastructure, which can be represented as code, and the Circonus monitoring platform, which can also be represented as code, you can combine them to manipulate both as code and treat any obstacle as a software problem.

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Visualize and Analyze your Data

Gain real insight. Graph your data and use our analytics overlays and predictive algorithms to troubleshoot potential issues, perform capacity planning, set cost-effective SLAs, and much more.
Unlimited Analysis, Unlimited Potential
Circonus Analytics Query Language (CAQL)

CAQL goes beyond pre-set analysis options. Fine-tune visualizations and derive more actionable intelligence from your collected data.

Capacity Planning

Easily set up forecasting for usage requirements for resources on your dashboard.

Anomaly Detection

Identify anomalies when the data does not behave as expected.

Accurate and Effective SOA Monitoring
Service Level Monitoring

Store the complete distribution of data for accurate SLA monitoring.

Graph Comparison

Compare performance data for any time period. Combine multiple graphs for easy comparison and correlation.

“Circonus is a huge part of our strategy. Being able to visualize our data in 1-minute resolution gives us unprecedented ability to diagnose and remediate issues across all aspects of our infrastructure.”

– CTO, Wanelo

Alerts on Thresholds and Anomalies

Alerts where you want them:
  • PagerDuty
  • Slack
  • OpsGenie
  • VictorOps
  • Email
  • SMS
  • IRC
  • Wherever else you like via Web Hooks
and how you want them:
  • Create flexible alerting rules.
  • Dynamic customization and automation via the API.
  • Plan for limited time events and modify alerting.
  • Set manual thresholds or apply analytics to create dynamic alerts.

Apply Analytics to Create Smarter Alerts

Automatically account for any “noise” in the data signal.
Catch problems manually-set thresholds can’t.

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