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Eliminate unexpected outages and maximize revenue opportunities

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Advertising uninterrupted

Adtech is complex. Ad exchanges facilitate rapid-fire transactions – often occurring within hundreds of milliseconds – that involve buying (bidding and purchase) and selling. With the massive volume of data generated from each transaction over online ad exchanges, any anomaly overlooked could undermine the reputation of the ad exchange, causing chaos for both buyers and sellers.

Failure to quickly respond to an advertising opportunity translates to lost revenue, a missed opportunity to reach a customer, and a likely win for a competing ad platform.

From real-time alerts and fault detection to machine learning-based predictive analytics, the Circonus Platform helps you to optimize operations and confidently deliver exceptional user experiences.

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Monitoring you can trust

The Circonus Platform was built for monitoring high-volume, disparate infrastructure, ensuring that your data intelligence — and availability — is second to none.

With Circonus’ scalable monitoring technology, adtech organizations can eliminate fears of unexpected outages and revenue drops.

The Circonus Platform, built on a performant and proven time series database, is the only monitoring and analytics platform capable of handling unprecedented data volume, up to billions of metric streams, in real time to drive critical consumer insight and value.

The Platform works with any tech, at any scale, ensuring your mission-critical IT infrastructure is always available.

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Performance at scale — in season and out

The Circonus Platform was purpose-built to monitor large deployments of diverse infrastructure and services and the rapidly increasing volume of telemetry data seen by ad exchanges, especially during critical buying times and seasons.

With the ability to manage at-scale telemetry, the Circonus Platform ensures adtech organizations optimize operations and deliver exceptional user experiences with the total confidence that they are getting accurate, real-time information on the performance of their IT infrastructures.

Key highlights include:

  • Multi-year retention to support seasonal analysis
  • Real-time anomaly detection & correlation
  • Fraud and abuse detection
  • Detection of API service latencies
  • Ability to implement Circonus on premises

“Circonus allows us to cost effectively expand our metrics storage infrastructure to meet our constantly changing needs and the demands of our never ending growth. In addition IRONdb provides redundancy, easy cluster management and more advanced analytic capabilities all of which were sorely lacking in our Open Source Graphite infrastructure.”

Chris BowmanSenior Director, Data Systems OperationsAppNexus

See where Circonus can take you.

Learn how monitoring without limits can drive new levels of value and impact in your business and operations.

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