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Experience seamless streaming

Streaming and gaming platforms need to deliver perfect, uninterrupted user experiences across devices and networks to drive customer satisfaction, renewals, and engagement. One second of lag or downtime can lead to frustration, and ultimately cost providers thousands, even millions, of users in an instant.

The Circonus Platform provides real-time fault detection, anomaly detection and predictive analytics, all critical in streaming environments. Circonus’ comprehensive, real-time insights ensure customers are ahead of the curve and able to address issues, such as seasonality, viewership spikes and quality of service before they become critical.

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Gain real-time insights

Circonus specializes in working with entertainment and streaming media service companies, and is trusted to provide the monitoring and analytics backbone for the most watched television program on Sunday nights, among other high-profile deployments.

The Circonus Platform provides unlimited scale, and is capable of ingesting every stream, including TV, phone, computer, and tablet. Our comprehensive analytics and dashboards enable customers to easily view their quality of service metrics and the number of users engaging with the streaming platform, along with other key metrics.

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Use data to win customers

To maintain existing customers and gain new ones, streaming and gaming providers must be able to support a seamless user experience. Even the shortest downtime can spell disaster.

Circonus provides the insights and analytics to keep customers up and running, aligning and showcasing business-level KPIs alongside technical requirements, such as monthly acquired users, daily active users, service latency, start up times, payment methods, and average revenue per user.

Key benefits include:

Trend analysis

Multi-year retention to support seasonal analysis

Comprehensive monitoring

Ability to monitor large deployments of diverse infrastructure and services

Unlimited retention

Near-infinite retention for multi-year analysis, predictive analytics and capacity planning

Quality sampling

100% sampling of quality of service metrics

“Circonus’ rich ecosystem allowed us to get C and C++ applications streaming metrics in an hour or so, compared to the days it would’ve taken to build our own libraries.”

Samy Al BahraCTO/CoFounderBacktrace

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