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Telemetry intelligence for smarter insights

Fintech organizations are under pressure to provide new levels of speed, accuracy, and innovation, 24x7x365 access, and always-on availability — from anywhere, at any time.

Circonus meets these challenges head on. As the pioneer of telemetry intelligence at scale, Circonus provides the only monitoring and analytics platform capable of handling billions of metric streams in real time to drive unprecedented business insight and value.

As fintech organizations drive digital transformation, Circonus is there to ensure that customer expectations are met and exceeded. With the ability to deliver highly secure cloud and on-premise solutions and unlimited scalability, Circonus is well suited to meet both current and future monitoring requirements.

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Real-time knowledge

With Circonus’ scalable monitoring technology, fintech organizations can eliminate fears of unexpected outages and meet customer SLAs. In addition, the Platform’s near-infinite retention meets requirements related to ambiguous regulatory rules, enables multi-year analysis, and surfaces baseline behaviors and fraud and abuse.

The Circonus Platform, built on a performant and proven time series database, is the only monitoring and analytics platform capable of handling unprecedented data volume, up to billions of metric streams, in real time to drive critical business insight and value.

The Platform works with any tech, at any scale — on premise and in the cloud — ensuring your mission-critical IT infrastructure is always available. In addition, the Platform supports DevOps best practices and empowers your teams to build, test and deploy faster than ever.

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Performance at extreme scale

The Circonus Platform was purpose-built for the exploding volume of telemetry data in modern day infrastructures. With the ability to handle real-time fault detection, anomaly detection, and predictive analytics at unprecedented volumes, the Circonus Platform helps fintech organizations optimize operations and deliver exceptional user experiences with total confidence that they are getting accurate, real-time information.

Key highlights include:


Circonus’ on-premise solutions negate security concerns.


Circonus can easily handle disparate, global infrastructure, scaling as customer demand requires.

Real-time alerts

Circonus uniquely provides real-time alerts, sampling the data as it is stored, enabling immediate alerts to issues. In addition, Circonus’ ability to compress and store data long term enables historical analysis and the ability to monitor and predict IT issues and pending failures.


Circonus offers one of the only platforms through which to monitor API SLAs to ensure they are performing as expected.

API security monitoring

Circonus helps organizations define normal behavior for authentication requests to identify abuses.

General KPI tracking

Circonus makes it easy to collect, store and analyze Acquisition Metrics, Activation Metrics, Retention Metrics, Referrals, Revenues and Marketing Metrics.

“Monitoring, trending and fault analysis are tedious. So much so, most shops get them wrong, or don’t bother at all. Circonus is already poised to be a disruptive player; making the tedious easy, fast and accurate.”

Bryan Horstmann-AllenFormer Cloud Deployment ManagerJoyent

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