Infrastructure Monitoring

Scalable Infrastructure Monitoring

Gain visibility over your entire network infrastructure in real-time by monitoring performance, detecting peak loads and failures, hardware errors, and scheduled maintenance downtimes — regardless of size. Graph data and use analytics overlays and predictive algorithms to troubleshoot potential weaknesses, perform capacity planning, set cost-effective SLAs, and much more.

Monitor as Code

Use Infrastructure as Code (IaC) providers such as Terraform to simultaneously create or update infrastructure and monitoring resources. Alternatively, engineers can provision monitoring using our assorted client libraries, or directly with our REST API.

Analyze, Forecast, & Manage

Fine-tune visualizations and derive more actionable intelligence from your collected data with Circonus Analytics Query Language (CAQL). Easily set up forecasting for usage requirements for resources on your dashboard. Store the complete distribution of data for accurate SLA monitoring.

Manual & Automated Alerting

Create alerts on key metrics or leverage self-learning analytics, built right into the platform, that can automatically alert you when a device or application is not behaving as expected.

Machine Learning

Rely on self-learning analytics to automatically set a “new normal” as your operations dynamically change, without you having to manually change anything. Easily combine business and operations metrics in graphs and dashboards that clearly show operations impact on business performance.

Empower DevOps Teams

Use the Circonus REST API to setup meaningful alerts, graphs, and dashboards. Reduce MTTR with powerful analytics for root cause analysis. Leverage built-in analytics and all the data on actual past performance – never rolled up, never averaged – for more accurate capacity planning.

Terraform Provisioned Resource Monitoring

Integrate Terraform with Circonus to build, change, and version infrastructure to manage a wide variety of popular and custom service providers. Enable application owners to create a higher-level abstraction of the application, datacenter, and associated services. Visualize and present data to your organization in a consistent and meaningful way.

Infrastructure as Code

Monitor, visualize, and alert using the same high-level configuration syntax used to describe infrastructure. Create a blueprint of your datacenter layout and business rules, then version and deploy monitoring along with your code.

Resource Graphs

Terraform builds a graph of all your resources, and now can include how these resources are monitored, and parallelizes the creation and modification of any non-dependent resources.

Change Automation

Complex changesets can be applied to your infrastructure and metrics, visualizations, or alerts, which can all be created, deactivated, or deleted with minimal human interaction.

Execution Plans

Terraform has a “planning” step where it generates an execution plan of what will be monitored, visualized, and alerted on.


Graph your data and use our analytics overlays and predictive algorithms to get real insight for troubleshooting potential issues, capacity planning, setting cost-effective SLAs, and more.

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With real-time streaming analytics, Circonus has an extensive statistical toolkit designed to support operational intelligence.

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Reliable threshold alerting helps your team keep your systems and service quality up. Alert team members on early signs of trouble such as when data deviates from expected values.

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