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“Our customers have zero tolerance for latency, and any second of downtime is money lost in terms of time and productivity,” said Don MacAskill, CEO & Chief Geek, SmugMug. “We were able to leverage Circonus’ histogram technology to assess and analyze our service delivery helping Flickr deliver photos about 25% faster today than it did last year.”

“We evaluated multiple monitoring platforms and ultimately selected Circonus because of its ability to collect, store, and analyze massive amounts of telemetry data at such high frequency and granularity,” said Richa Sehgal, Senior Software Engineer, Redfin.

Accelerate digital transformation with unified monitoring & observability

Providing seamless online experiences that meet consumer expectations relies on having end-to-end visibility of your infrastructure. Circonus provides a unified view of the performance, health, and availability of the systems, applications, network, and containers across your entire environment. As a highly scalable platform for centralizing all metrics, teams can collaborate around a single source of truth, so they can automatically correlate issues and resolve them before they impact customers.

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Understand and optimize your user experiences

The quality of each user’s experience on an app or website is affected by the latency of every infrastructure component interaction and every API query – so Circonus measures them all. Visualize real-time and historical latency data to determine SLO compliance. Drill down to view individual user interactions or view aggregated performance metrics.

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Ensure optimal performance during traffic spikes with unlimited scale

Whether it’s the holiday season, peak time to sell homes, or popular times to book travel, e-commerce and other online businesses can suffer serious revenue losses if their users experience performance issues. Circonus ensures you can effortlessly scale for your most profitable days. Unlike other providers, Circonus’ robust platform offers unlimited scalability and stores data at full granularity forever — at no extra cost — so you can accurately run capacity planning and historical comparisons for proactive performance optimization.

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