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Millisecond monitoring

When it comes to mission-critical smart grid communications, availability and insight are at an all-time premium. Reliable operations and real-time monitoring capabilities are critical for utilities to manage networks efficiently and securely. These critical systems operate where rapid response is critical – requiring minimal latency times, often just milliseconds. The ability to quickly understand network performance or reveal vulnerabilities is critical to smart grid operations.

The Circonus Platform provides reliable and fault-tolerant telemetry data intelligence, as well as advanced and flexible data visualization for real-time and historical smart energy monitoring.

The Circonus Platform was purpose-built to offer unlimited scalability — in number of IoT devices and sampling frequency — to keep up with the volume of telemetry data in today’s smart grids. Our proven performance and ability to handle the world’s toughest use cases is tested daily by industry leaders whose application availability and data insights are critical to maintaining smooth and secure operations.


Gain full visibility into complex smart grid networks

Smart utility systems continuously monitor the state of the electrical power grid. Any disruption in communications can cause a loss of power.

Circonus is the only monitoring and analytics platform capable of handling unprecedented data volume, up to billions of metric streams, in real time to prevent and catch critical anomalies and respond quickly.

Powered by a highly resilient and scalable time series database, the Circonus Platform leverages advanced data science and patented technology to ingest, visualize and analyze billions of data points per second to deliver unmatched clarity, insights and continuous performance.

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Easy and immediate access to your data

The Circonus Platform’s scalable, general-purpose time series database handles high volume and high frequency data, from across the grid.

The Platform’s performant and scalable architecture allows for ingesting and organizing billions of measurements per second to answer a rich set of queries quickly and effectively.

Using innovative and patented data compression technology, Circonus allows for near-limitless data retention, enabling deeper historical insights and improving mission-critical decisions. With our compression technology, enterprises can dramatically reduce the number of nodes by up to 75 percent, eliminating unnecessary storage spend, while maintaining long-term and complete data availability.

Many existing solutions cannot cost-effectively support customer requirements as data volumes grow, compromising market offerings. The Circonus Platform enables:

  • Handling of large volumes of diverse sensors and equipment, often producing high-frequency telemetry
  • Multi-year retention to support recurring and seasonal analysis
  • Real-time anomaly detection and correlation
  • Ability to predict how and when assets fail
  • Ability to predict and plan for seasonal variation
  • Elimination of API service latencies

“Monitoring, trending and fault analysis are tedious. So much so, most shops get them wrong, or don’t bother at all. Circonus is already poised to be a disruptive player; making the tedious easy, fast and accurate.”

Bryan Horstmann-AllenFormer Cloud Deployment ManagerJoyent

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