Everything Revolves Around APIs. And so do we. Fully automate your monitoring.
The Circonus “back-end” can be accessed via the API from
any system you wish.
  • Create your own custom metrics, auto-provision your hosts, and write your own custom integrations.
  • Use Circonus as software, write scripts to automate tasks that would be tedious to perform with a GUI alone.
  • Extract complex data or simple events and feed them into other tools.
Our API makes us open, customizable, and integrates with existing tools.

More on our API

Real-Time Analytics

Regardless of Size

No compromising on performance. Runs real-time analytics regardless of environment size.

Never Rollup, Average, or otherwise mangle data.
Data is the same a day, month, or years in the past.
The Circonus Web-Scale IT Metrics Store is purpose built for Monitoring and Analytics at Massive Scale.
Scales Horizontally and Vertically – Add nodes for increased I/O Operations Per Second (IOPS).

“It’s a sad day when meeting a market requirement is a differentiator.

– Theo Schlossnagle
Circonus CEO

Data Integrity
Fast, Accurate Results you can Trust
The only scalable tool to store the complete distribution of data.
Circonus stores the complete distribution of data over each one minute sampling period as a histogram, alongside traditional text and numeric data.
Smarter Tools Get Smarter Results
You don’t have to view your data as a histogram heatmap, but because the raw data is stored that way, we call on the complete distribution of data to get the most accurate results and perform analysis other tools can’t even attempt.
We protect your data
Each measurement lives on 12 disks in 6 different chassis in 2 different data centers, protected from bitrot, controller errors, and operator errors by ZFS.

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