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IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor the health and performance of your entire infrastructure in one unified platform.

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With over 300 vendor-backed integrations, Circonus enables you to detect and resolve issues immediately with one unified platform for application, infrastructure, and container monitoring. Circonus collects and analyzes behavior, health, and performance data at significantly greater volume, frequency, and granularity than any other solution. As a result, you gain advanced levels of insights that drive smarter operations, better decisions, and exceptional customer experiences.

Simplify monitoring with end-to-end platform

  • Set up your monitoring easily with over 300 turnkey integrations, including EC2, MongoDB, and Kubernetes.
  • Monitor on-premises and cloud infrastructure, physical and virtual machines, applications, containers, and IoT sensors in a single platform.
  • Collect custom metrics and ensure Circonus evolves with your infrastructure using tools like Chef, Puppet, and Terraform.
  • Quickly make adjustments or customizations, and extend services with third-party tools like Python, Ruby, or Java using easy API integration.
End-to-end monitoring

Get the flexibility and scale you need

  • Ingest trillions of measurements per second in real-time with the Circonus IRONdb time-series database, which provides unlimited scale, unlimited retention, and fault-tolerant storage of all data.
  • Create customized and powerful queries against metric data using the Circonus Analytics Query Language (CAQL), which enables users to analyze years of data quickly and easily.
  • Visualize any data, in any application, from any system in real time, including availability, response times, reliability, error rates, and throughput.
Circonus Analytics Query Language

Identify and resolve issues faster with real-time intelligence

  • Easily view anomalies when real-time data is not behaving as expected. Directly view anomaly scores or use graphs to highlight anomalous regions.
  • Use histograms to find disruptions and concentrations, bottlenecks, errors, latencies, and extreme system loads or drop-offs — all in real time.
  • Recognize patterns and detect deviations from them. Monitor system performance over time to gain insight into predictable patterns as well as fluctuations from them.
  • Receive alerts for issues that matter. Stream-based, low-latency alerting analyzes each individual sample upon ingestion, enabling true real-time notification when critical errors arise.
Alerts within Circonus App

Optimize performance and improve customer experiences

  • Identify problems before they happen using advanced analytics such as real system behavior, machine learning, and predictive analytics.
  • Analyze the behavior of any kind of metric or tag and automatically create a continuously updated forecasting model of what that data should look like over time.
  • Review past performance — never rolled up, never averaged — for more accurate capacity planning, and view long-term trends with unlimited storage. Easily forecast capacity loads for daily or weekly periods.
  • Analyze historical behaviors using linear, exponential or periodic regression tools, so you can easily plan for disk space and network load requirements and quickly see opportunities to optimize performance.
Circonus Histogram

Reduce costs and operator resources

  • Reduce hardware spend by freeing up valuable resources and dramatically reducing your number of nodes. Circonus handles more metrics on equivalent hardware than any solution.
  • Reduce storage fees. Circonus’ patented histogram technology enables highly compressed storage of data at rest, reducing costs and ensuring efficient access to all your data.
  • Reduce operator resources. Circonus IRONdb has been designed to require minimal operator resources for maintenance tasks, such as adding, removing or replacing cluster nodes.
  • Erase the fear of surprise bills and price hikes. Circonus offers transparent pricing and fixed priced packaging. There’s also no limit or additional charge for custom metrics.
Reduce costs

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