The Circonus UI now includes a new “Help & Support” dialog. This new feature allows users to both easily submit new Support tickets and also to search our Knowledge Base of support articles from within the app itself.

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January is the time when many of us sit down collectively to think about our plans for the next year of our enterprise, or at least the next quarter or two. The Circonus team is deep in the weeds right now, working out the roadmap for Circonus. Most engineers will be familiar with the sort of discussion that goes on at these meeting, defining a problem space and debating solutions.

We have a lot of behind-the-scenes innovations and enhancements planned, and also some exciting new features and UI enhancements. These ideas came from both our experts’ insights, and also from feedback from users like you. We’d love to hear from you more. What are the pain points in your enterprise, and how can Circonus help? What features and improvements do you care most about? You can always join the dialog on Slack.

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The new Help & Support dialog makes our Knowledge Base more convenient to access within the app. The same location where our users file support tickets is home to a ton of articles, FAQs, CAQL recipes, demo videos, recordings from webinars and technical presentations, and more.

The forum there also includes an archive of our publication announcements. Have a look at our weekly publications and you can view all the previous issues of this very newsletter.

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