A number of minor enhancements for brokers are rolling out. The default size external check output reading has been increased, and there is now a configurable variable which will let this value be increased to any size on Enterprise Broker installations. A new metric in the check output will indicate if the output was truncated.

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At its foundation, Circonus is an API driven service. As a RESTful service, the Circonus API is designed to allow users to programmatically adjust monitors and alerts as their architecture evolves. The web portal front-end that Circonus SaaS users see is just one possible interpretation of the Circonus API. Circonus customers can, and have, created their own front-ends.

The Circonus back-end can be accessed via the API from any system our users wish. The data can then be extracted from our API to any system, from simple events being fed into an existing ticketing tool, to complex data extractions fed into a system like R. With integrations like these, Circonus API users can fully automate their monitoring.

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The API allows engineers to use Circonus as software, writing scripts to automate tasks that would be tedious to perform with a GUI alone. Users can create their own custom metrics, auto-provision hosts, write their own custom integrations, extract complex data or simple events and feed them into other tools, and more. The API makes Circonus open and customizable, and integrates with existing tools.

Some users find they need to customize checks individually, but would like to do it programmatically. The Circonus API allows users to filter, sort, create, and modify any item in Circonus. Using the API allows you to convert a list of hosts with individual characteristics into a full set of checks, graphs, and rulesets with ease. The Circonus Support Portal provides a list of example API calls, which may be helpful to users who are just beginning to explore the API.

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