For some time now, the default grid view on the metrics page in Circonus has shown preview graphs of your metrics for easy review. It will now render visual graphs for your inactive metrics as well as your active ones, making it more convenient to review old data at a glance.

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Last month, the Circonus team met to discuss and plan out our roadmap for the coming year. We have a lot of behind-the-scenes innovations and enhancements planned, and also some exciting new features and UI enhancements. These ideas came from both our experts’ insights, and also from feedback from users like you.

These changes range from some basic housekeeping and simple performance enhancements to major design changes that have been long-awaited by our engineers, both on the frontend and the backend. Over the next few weeks, The Standard Metric will be discussing more of what lies ahead in our roadmap. We’re all very excited about our plans!


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The Circonus API is a handy tool for creating many checks at once. If you're going to have slight modifications to each check, or need a little more logic built into the check creation, then the API is for you. The extensive Circonus REST API will allow you to create and modify a lot of checks at once while reading from your CMDB or configuration repository. If you plan on scanning your network for all devices that are available, the API can help you create checks as you find new devices, based on which ports are open and what is listening on those ports. Of course COSI is the best tool for creating a lot of checks when you onboard a new machine, but more options for adding many checks at once are described on the Circonus Support Portal.

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