The Circonus Monitoring platform has analysis tools that allow users to transform collected data, applying any kind of formulas and computations that math allows. We’ve now updated the metric cluster aggregation support in graphs to ensure that users can perform geometric mean calculations on negative values.

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At Circonus, it is our mission to help engineers understand the behaviors of their systems. What enables this mission is our API-centric design philosophy, which allows our monitoring platform to be fully automatable, open, customizable, and to integrate with existing tools. Our API enables our customers to treat their infrastructure, including their monitoring solution, as code. Our customers are experienced engineers who chose us because of their need to monitor dynamic infrastructures and apply infinite queries to their data.

One Circonus customer, Alem Abreha, a Senior Service Reliability Engineer for a major cable provider, approached us to share his experiences with our platform. Please read his post to learn how his team uses Circonus to support their Infrastructure Automation with puppet.

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Last time, we revealed a few things we’re working on in the Circonus Roadmap. We talked about high resolution visualization of raw data and how this represents a hybrid approach to monitoring when combined with our existing histogram-based data storage. This provides the granularity of raw data and the speed of one-minute resolution rollups.

We’ve also talked about other changes. We mentioned improvements to our documentation, and the first round of those changes will be going live soon. They’ll be needing lots of revising because we’re also beginning development on some significant changes to the Circonus UI, which you’ll hear more about in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned as bigger changes are underway. We’re all very excited about our plans because these ideas came from both our experts’ insights and feedback from users like you.

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