Alerting in Circonus allows you to customize rulesets to trigger alerts with different severity levels, rated 1 through 5 from highest to lowest priority. The flexible ruleset options allow users to reflect complex policies from their organization or their clients.

The rules in the ruleset are executed in order, and execution is stopped upon a match. “Severity 0” or “Severity: None” alerts were introduced recently as a means for users to abort a ruleset on a known good state. Specifically, it allows people to say "if absent, all is well" which wasn’t possible before.

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Elegant code should be designed to teach its readers about the concepts and relationships in the problem domain that the code addresses, with as little noise as possible. Different programming languages have their own concepts of data types and their own means of defining them, but data types are a fundamental tool for teaching engineers about the domain that their code addresses. On the other hand, heavy use of types can often introduce noise into the code base. When types are misunderstood, they will tend to be under-utilized, or otherwise misused.

In the new blog post “Documenting with Types,” Circonus Engineer, Aidan Cully, starts describing a few guidelines for how to use types in an elegant, self-documenting code base.

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This week, Circonus is attending SREcon17 Americas conference in San Francisco. Circonus is proud to be a Diamond sponsor for this conference. There will be a wealth of deep technical insights and innovation on display, and Circonus looks forward to speaking face-to-face with the community of site reliability engineers in attendance.

Follow us on twitter @circonus to see updates from the conference. Stop by the Circonus booth and mention The Standard Metric for a small prize. We hope we’ll see you there!

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Congratulations Melanie on winning your Apple TV at #DevOpsDaysBmore! #devops #bigdata

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