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Circonus introduces Hi-Def Visualizations.

Circonus has always alerted on raw data in real-time. Now, Circonus also stores raw data for 4 weeks. This allows users to zoom in to see visualizations of near-term data in Hi-Def, with millisecond resolution. After that, the complete distribution will be stored for each 1-minute interval at 1-minute resolution indefinitely, just like before.

We’ve talked about this in our Circonus Roadmap and now Hi-Def data is live! This hybrid approach gives users the accuracy of millisecond resolution data, while retaining the performance benefits of rollups that load years of 1-minute resolution data in seconds for real-time response.

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Chief Data Scientist, Heinrich Hartmann, will be hosting a new webinar this week, “Introduction to Circonus - The Scalable Monitoring Platform.” Join Heinrich as he discusses how to use the Circonus platform as a complete monitoring and telemetry analysis solution. This discussion will include how to leverage unlimited analytics querying and how to use data collection architected with histograms for the best scalability and accuracy available.

Learn how Circonus enables engineers to understand the behavior of their systems. The webinar will be live this Thursday (March 23, 2017 at 11:00 AM, EDT or UTC/GMT–4)

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This is the 42nd issue of The Standard Metric. The story goes that 42 is the ultimate answer, but no one knows what the ultimate question is. A powerful computer can tell you the answer, but it can’t tell you the question. We think a monitoring & analysis tool should give you answers and let you supply the questions. It should be able to answer any question you can ask it.

Circonus offers users unlimited custom queries. Without being limited to pre-set options, users can analyze their data in any way that math allows. You can ask your data anything. This allows engineers to ask better questions and get better outcomes. It’s all possible thanks to the Circonus Analytics Query Language (CAQL).

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