Circonus is always looking for ways to make the job of an engineer easier by streamlining services and simplifying tasks. When performing maintenance, there is now a new API endpoint to allow registering with each node that a reconstitute is in progress. It will write this status to the localstate directory for each node. Then, at the end, the reconstitute will send a "done" message to remove this file. This will eventually allow for blocking on reconstitutes in progress.

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Circonus has always been API-driven, and this has always been one of our product’s core strengths. Via our API, Circonus provides the ability to create anything that you can in the UI and more. Users can treat their monitoring as code, just like the rest of their infrastructure, and therefore can treat any problem as a software problem.

What does “monitoring as code” mean? It means that monitoring (i.e. what to monitor, how to visualize, and when to alert) is described using the same high-level configuration syntax used to describe infrastructure. This allows a blueprint of the datacenter, as well as the business rules, to be versioned and treated as you would any other code. Additionally, monitoring can be shared and reused.

With so many of our customers moving to API-driven platforms and private clouds, we have seen the emergence of a variety of tools (like Terraform) that allows an abstraction of these resources. Now, with Circonus built into Terraform, it is possible to declaratively codify your application’s monitoring, alerting, and escalation, as well as the resources it runs on.

Terraform is a tool from HashiCorp for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure, which can be used to manage a wide variety of popular and custom service providers. Now, Terraform 0.9 includes an integration for managing a Circonus account.

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Circonus now offers Office Hours, the first Tuesday of the month at 11 AM. Our first session will be held next week by our Chief Data Scientist, Heinrich Hartmann, Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 11:00 AM (EDT or UTC/GMT–4).

Circonus support is always available for our users. Office Hours is just a time when we encourage our users to join us to ask questions, discuss best practices, and learn more about new ways they could use Circonus.

Sign up to reserve a spot OR hop on Slack during the call session to join the Circonus Labs public chat:
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Reserve your spot now to join our Chief Data Scientist, Heinrich Hartmann for Circonus Office Hours this Tuesday (April 4, 2017 at 11:00 AM, EDT or UTC/GMT–4).

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