An integration for managing your Circonus account is now available in Terraform 0.9. Terraform is a tool from HashiCorp for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure, which can be used to manage a wide variety of popular and custom service providers.

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Circonus has always been an API-driven platform, and as we've watched the industry move to API-driven platforms like AWS, DigitalOcean, Google Compute Engine (GCE), Joyent, Microsoft Azure, and even private clouds, we have seen the emergence of a variety of tools (like Terraform) that abstract these resources.

Having access to Circonus built into Terraform, enables Monitoring as Code. Monitoring (i.e. what to monitor, how to visualize, and when to alert) is described using the same high-level configuration syntax used to describe infrastructure. You can declaratively codify your application’s monitoring, alerting, and escalation, as well as the resources it runs on. This allows you to share and reuse your monitoring, and it allows a blueprint of your datacenter, as well as your business rules, to be versioned and treated as you would any other code.

Check out our website or Christian Madsen's blog post "Monitoring as Code," for more details.

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Thanks to everyone who joined us last week at the O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference, where Circonus founder and CEO, Theo Schlossnagle, presented his talk on "Applying SRE techniques to microservice design."

The domain of the Site Reliability Engineer has evolved tremendously over the last several years. Central to this evolution is the construction and operations of resiliency in services. Theo shared some of the hard-won techniques learned from the world of SRE to build faster, safer, and better microservice architectures.

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NEW! Hi-Def Visualizations - store raw data for 4 weeks & 1-minute resolution rollups, indefinitely. #DevOps

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