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What’s New
A continuous release cycle means that Circonus is always improving. Last week, our engineers improved the interface for text metric rules, to ensure that changing a criterion correctly sets the state of the corresponding “value” field.

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The Practice
Samy Al Bahra is the CTO/Cofounder of Backtrace, the startup which helps engineers detect errors, understand root causes and impacts, and improve time to resolution. In a case study co-written by Backtrace and the Circonus team, Samy shares how his team leverages Circonus to monitor their infrastructure.

“At Backtrace we rely on Circonus for all of our alerting, as well as our real-time analytics. Prior to adopting Circonus, we didn’t really have much visibility into real-time usage of the product, real-time performance bottlenecks, etc.

“Circonus's rich ecosystem of plumbing allowed us to get C and C++ applications streaming metrics in an hour or so compared to the days it would've taken to build our own plumbing libraries” - Samy Al Bahra

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Did You Know?
The Circonus Support site showcases a robust of archive presentations from our engineering team. For example, in his presentation on “Adaptive Availability for Quality of Service,” Theo Schlossnagle shares techniques for building systems that respond to adversarial conditions.

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Available now: Monitoring as Code with the new integration for Circonus in Terraform 0.9 by @HashiCorp
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