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What’s New
This week, Circonus made improvements to our search functionality which will result in more accurate results for standard searches when searching on a particular item (for example, 'metric').

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The Practice
Back in 2011, Theo gave a talk at Surge about building architecture for real-time data. Circonus processes a lot of data, and offers it in real-time, so Theo learned a lot about designing for this while developing Circonus. For example, Circonus learned early on that some data can be sampled and some data can’t. The way you treat data when you need all of it to make good sense of things is radically different from the way you must treat sampled data points.

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Did You Know?
At Circonus, we’ve made our multi-media content available on our site, all in one place! Here, you can find a wide variety of our demos, tutorial videos, and technical presentations.

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Need a strictly On-Premises solution to #monitor the performance of your systems? http://bit.ly/2kHBiXj #BigData #DevOps #Agile #Cloud
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