10X the value of your observability investments

Introducing Passport, the industry’s first dynamic telemetry management solution.

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Precision Visibility: Dynamically adapt your data collection strategy. Send only the data needed, when it’s needed.

Skyhigh observability costs or visibility gaps? You no longer have to choose between collecting it all and paying the price, or collecting less and losing essential insights. Passport lets you easily and automatically adapt to collect more data when you need it and less when you don’t based on signals from your environment. The result is a win-win: gain the insights you need to speed MTTR while dramatically cutting your observability spend.

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Improve reliability and incident response with better visibility

Based on defined conditions, collect broader or more granular data. Have a server experiencing high CPU load? Easily start collecting data at 10-second granularity versus 60 seconds.

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Automate time-bound configuration changes

Apply a different collection strategy based on timing, such as during business hours, a launch event, or a holiday like Black Friday.

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Avoid vendor lock-in by easing migrations

Significantly ease the process of adapting current agents, deploying new ones, and of managing multiple agent types during the months of migration from one observability solution to another.

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Efficiently manage telemetry agents at scale

Reduce operational overhead and errors. Build agent configuration files using a low-code/no-code designer, and more easily ensure all agents have the latest updates with auto-provisioning.

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Optimize data collection leveraging integrations with existing tools

Use data from your observability and third party alerting tools to inform and automatically adjust your data collection strategy.

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Measure performance with more flexibility

Selectively execute “expensive” operations like turning on a profiler or conducting synthetic user testing (coming soon).

Farewell static agents & brittle pipelines. Manage agent configurations with unprecedented flexibility.

Managing the configuration deployments for telemetry agents is an inflexible and error prone process, so teams are reluctant to change them once deployed. Telemetry pipelines become effectively static, which leads to out-of-date collection strategies and vendor lock-in. Passport’s patent-pending technology converts static agents into dynamic agents, breathing new life into  aging pipelines and ushering in a new era of innovative observability.

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Deploy and register agent managers

  • Dynamic agent manager checks for new configuration files that control the telemetry agents

  • Triggers the appropriate reload, and immediately begins execution of the supported agent.

  • Only needs to be installed once and updated very infrequently.

  • Use Passport to make these agent configuration changes, or use your own deployment tools that can respond to signals admitted from Passport.

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Create custom config files

  • Build agent configuration files for alternative collection strategies (e.g. collection frequency).

  • Passport supports all open source agent types, including Telegraf, Fluent-bit, Datadog-agent, Vector, New Relic Infrastructure agent, Filebeat, Metricbeat, Pktvisor, and more.

Build using low-code/no-code visual designer

  • Via the Passport UI, view the current inventory of all config files and agents in one place

  • Fully manage the lifecycle of your agent’s various configuration files with built-in versioning whenever the file is first created or uploaded and throughout any edits or cloning.

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Design and deploy collection strategies in the Rules Engine

  • Innovative rules engine receives “signals” (such as high CPU utilization) from an observability platform and then takes action based on the rules and conditions that have been established.
  • Actions can include changing the configuration of an agent (such as changing the granularity of data being collected), or initiating a process in other platforms, such as a ticketing system, workflow engine, iPaaS, or another observability platform.

  • All rules are listed in one place and can be ordered to specify which rule has the most importance.

Take control of your telemetry with point and click ease.

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