Careers at Circonus

Join the team that is continually pushing the boundaries of telemetry data — its scale, its insights, and its uses. We provide an innovative and exciting place to work and grow. Check out who we are and how we work.

Our office or yours

Work remotely anywhere in the US, or in our office in Malvern, Pennsylvania. We understand that the best teams may not all reside in the same zip code, so we offer a flexible working environment based on EST office hours.

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Our hiring process

Our hiring process typically consists of an initial call or video chat. Follow up interviews consist of an in-depth call to cover the values of the company, technical skills, code and systems architecture, and discussing diagnostic processes around complex system failures.

Our teams

We work in small, agile teams with quick decisions and short, iterative cycle times. Typically you can find our developers working together on complex problems that are completely new to the industry.

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Our benefits

At Circonus, we care about our employees, their work-life balance, and their professional growth. We work hard to provide benefits that support that.

Discretionary vacation policy

We encourage employees to schedule time off when they need it to regain focus and clarity. Helping provide work-life balance is important to us.

Medical, vision & dental

Health insurance can be an expensive necessity. We help offset that by offering a Health Reimbursement Account funded 100% by Circonus.

401(k) & retirement plans

Planning for your future now is a critical factor in safeguarding your future later. Circonus provides both 401(k) and Roth retirement accounts along with a healthy company match.

ACM membership

Enjoy a free membership with ACM, the world’s largest computing society. This includes access to the ACM digital library as well as online courses, books, and videos presented by today’s innovators.

Our values

We believe in more than making great software. We promote our core values within ourselves, our client interactions, and our workplace. We consistently hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in everything we do.


Be excellent to each other; everyone; equally. Consider others in your actions. Communicate honestly, clearly, and consistently with respect.


Trust is a basic fabric of good working relationships with our colleagues, with our customers, with our industry, and with our competitors. Trust is reinforced through honesty, openness, and being transparent by default.


Do not break the law. Do not game the system. If we feel the system is broken, we must act to change the system. Winning isn’t winning if we’ve cheated. It is impossible to win alone.


We must care as much or more about our customers than they do for themselves. Customer data: keep it secret, keep it safe, keep it intact and accurate. Never miss an opportunity to connect with a customer at the human level.


Leave a room cleaner than when you entered. Leave a customer with more value than they’ve invested in us. Leave your colleagues, your customers and competitors lives more enriched and happier after every interaction. Appreciate the contributions of others.


Always treat customer organizations as the assembly of humans they are. Treat everyone with kindness; it is the one thing you can always afford to do.


Avoid waste. Consider the world. Conserve and protect what we consume – from the environment to people’s time.


Learn something new every day and encourage responsible risk taking. Experience results in good decision making; experience comes from making poor decisions. Support those around you to help them constructively learn from their mistakes. This is how we build a team with experience.


Set high standards for our own excellence. Expect more from ourselves than we do from our customers, our colleagues, and others we come in contact with.

Our culture

We’re comprised of distributed team members across multiple timezones. We rely on Slack and Hangouts for daily communication and stand-ups. You’ll often see us attending or speaking at conferences and meetups. We encourage everyone to get together at least once a year, whether that’s at our all-hands meeting or Oktoberfest. Both typically include spirits and a ton of fun!

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