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HBO: Real-Time, Consolidated Monitoring

Circonus is the system of record for all HBO monitoring, helping to plan capacity, handle spikes using auto-scaling, and control cloud costs.

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Major League Baseball: Unified Monitoring

MLB has consolidated all of its monitoring on the Circonus platform including application, infrastructure, network, video, and Kubernetes monitoring.

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Webex: Scalable Monitoring

Webex used Circonus to scale its monitoring during a time of unprecedented growth.

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Xandr: Predictive Analytics and Fraud Detection

Xandr used Circonus as a drop-in replacement for Graphite in order to optimize infrastructure resources and performance.

Backtrace Logo

Backtrace: Infrastructure Monitoring

Backtrace leverages Circonus to provide visibility into real-time product usage as well as performance bottlenecks.

Streaming Video Service: Infrastructure Automation

A video streaming service harnesses Circonus’ RESTful API for their infrastructure automation with Puppet.

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