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Circonus is trusted by industry leaders including

Any Tech. Any Scale.
All in real-time.

If you can run it, we can monitor it – from raspberry pi’s to full public clouds.

The Scalable solution with no compromising on performance.
Runs real-time analytics regardless of environment size.

Preserves analytical insight – Never rolls up or averages out your historical data, loads years worth of data in milliseconds.

Everything at your fingertips. Try our demo for yourself.

More Reliable Than the Systems it Monitors

Circonus delivers Fast, Accurate Results you can Trust.

Our platform provides your team with the tools, support, & insight to deliver the best online experience for your customers.

Smarter Tools have Smarter Outcomes:

  • Detect anomalies
  • Predict failures
  • Understand trends
  • Ask smarter questions, get smarter answers

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We Empower Engineers.
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Our flexible, api-centric platform provides the monitoring tools your team needs to:

  1. Collect, Monitor, Store, and Analyze your Historical Data.
  2. Alert on Thresholds and Anomalies.
  3. Visualize and Analyze your Data.
  4. Answer your own questions with customizable, individualized solutions.

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Circonus is the go to platform for engineers to understand the behavior of their systems.
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