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We’ve been doing this for years, for some of the largest websites in the world. If the technology didn’t exist, we built it - specifically to tackle the problem that everyone will increasingly face. IT operations is a Big Data problem - you need operational Big Data tools to take it on. That means smart and cost-effective data handling and storage at scale, with built-in analytics to quickly navigate a massive amount of data and pull out the insights that will improve operations, deliver more operable software, and help accelerate the business. Circonus - purpose-built for DevOps monitoring, IT analytics, and more.

Solutions for DevOps Monitoring, IT Analytics & More

Customer Testimonials

“At Wanelo, we invested heavily into metrics and visibility into our infrastructure, and Circonus is a huge part of our strategy. Being able to visualize our data in 1-minute resolution gives us unprecedented ability to diagnose and remediate issues across all aspects of our infrastructure.”

— CTO, Wanelo

“It is very important to see the effect and the cause. If I am monitoring the effects, and I can see the causes, it is much easier to take corrective action if anything begins to go wrong. Circonus is a great tool for monitoring business critical assets and providing insights into problems.”

— VP of Operations, PlasmaNet, Inc.

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  • Changes for: 2015-Aug-26
    Changes for: 2015-Aug-26New FeaturesGraph Datapoint Hover-HidingNow when you're hovering over a graph and your mouse gets close to one or more numeric datapoint lines, only those datapoints' rows will be shown in the legend. If you would prefer to show all datapoints' rows in the legend, even when hovering near specific datapoints, there is a […]

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