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We’ve been doing this for years, for some of the largest websites in the world. If the technology didn’t exist, we built it - specifically to tackle the problem that everyone will increasingly face. IT operations is a Big Data problem - you need operational Big Data tools to take it on. That means smart and cost-effective data handling and storage at scale, with built-in analytics to quickly navigate a massive amount of data and pull out the insights that will improve operations, deliver more operable software, and help accelerate the business. Circonus - purpose-built for DevOps monitoring, IT analytics, and more.

Solutions for DevOps Monitoring, IT Analytics & More

Customer Testimonials

“At Wanelo, we invested heavily into metrics and visibility into our infrastructure, and Circonus is a huge part of our strategy. Being able to visualize our data in 1-minute resolution gives us unprecedented ability to diagnose and remediate issues across all aspects of our infrastructure.”

— CTO, Wanelo

“It is very important to see the effect and the cause. If I am monitoring the effects, and I can see the causes, it is much easier to take corrective action if anything begins to go wrong. Circonus is a great tool for monitoring business critical assets and providing insights into problems.”

— VP of Operations, PlasmaNet, Inc.

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  • Changes for: 2015-Nov-16
    Changes for: 2015-Nov-16Improvements (1)Added keyboard shortcut to refresh a graph or worksheetAlthough graphs and worksheets automatically refresh every five minutes, sometimes you may want to refresh a graph/worksheet manually without needing to refresh the entire page. Now you can, just press the ‘r’ key.Bug Fixes (1)On graphs, when looking into the future, certain actions which […]
  • Changes for: 2015-Nov-09
    Changes for: 2015-Nov-09Improvements (1)New Graphs can be started with any type of datapointNow when you create a new graph, you don't have to start with a metric or metric cluster; you can start with any type of datapoint other than a guide.Bug Fixes (1)On graph metric cluster datapoints, we fixed the geometric mean aggregation when […]

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