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Survey conducted at ChefConf 2015 - what DevOps is looking for and how traditional monitoring misses the mark

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Monitoring the DevOps Way

Theo Schlossnagle presents a must-see, practical guide for those headed down the DevOps path.

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Extending Log Analysis

In today’s application-based economy, the tools you deploy make the difference between success and failure.

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What's New With Circonus

The newest features and enhancements in the current production build of Circonus.

Changes for: 2016-Feb-12

New Features

  • Graph Hover Lock

    When you hover over a graph with your cursor close to a datapoint, that datapoint is highlighted. Now it's highlighted more prominently, and you can also click the graph to lock that state into place; you can tell it's in a locked hover state by the lock icon in the upper right corner of the graph. For graphs with many datapoints, this will help you zero in on the specific datapoint(s) you want to focus on.

    To enable this behavior across all graphs, a couple click behaviors have changed. First, when on the graphs list page or on a worksheet, you can no longer click a graph to go view that graph; now you have to click a graph's title bar to go view it. Second, on the metrics page in grid mode, you can no longer click a metric graph to select that metric for graph creation; instead, you have to click the metric graph's title bar.