Monitoring and Analytics  (in real-time) like you’ve never seen before!

Make intelligent business and operational decisions with a highly scalable monitoring and telemetry analysis platform

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Circonus monitors all your organization’s data, from any source, whether it is infrastructure (CPU, disk, network devices, web page load time, database performance) or business (revenue generated, hosting costs) data. Circonus gives you a complete picture of your entire IT and business operations. Learn More…

Any Data. Any System. Any Where.

Circonus combines multiple monitoring, alerting, event reporting, and analytical tools into one unified solution. Use any data, in any application, from any system, and visualize it in real-time.

Circonus is centered on a purpose built, proprietary metrics database that is designed to cost effectively store ALL of your vital telemetry data. Your data from yesterday, or last year, is guaranteed to be available when you want it and how you want it. Like all the other components of Circonus, the Metrics Store scales to meet even the most demanding needs. Learn More…

Store all your data for years.

“Put your data in Circonus and it stays, does not get averaged after a month, doesn’t get thrown away after a year”

Traditional graphing tools can help you plan for growth or even narrow down root causes after a failure. But they have a reputation for being difficult to setup, navigate or customize. Circonus allows you to take a ANY set of data points and correlate them into graphs that make sense out of what was noise before. Learn More…

Visualize and Correlate Any Set of Data Points

“Circonus stores all your data for as long as you want, to let you visualize it in any way you want, and compare any time period(s) you want”

Brian Clapper, CTO

Now that you have all your data readily available, Circonus’ built in analytics tools help you analyze your current business and plan for the future. With these tools, you can instantaneously make forecasts and predictions of future events on any of your data. Learn More…

Better Data In Better Intelligence Out.

“It is very important to see the effect and the cause. If I am monitoring the effects, and I can see the causes, it is much easier to take corrective action if anything begins to go wrong.”

VP of Operations, Freelotto

Alerting needs to be smart and customizable. The data that Circonus uses to generate alerts is the SAME data that it uses to provide Visualizations. All of our alerts are data driven, not health check driven, giving you the flexibility to create alerts that are meaningful and timely. Learn More…

More than a health check: Data Driven Customizable Alerts

“Orders just stopped, an alert went off, and I could immediately see that one of my DNS servers had been configured incorrectly. Did not have to waste time looking through tons of error logs to find the root cause…”

The Circonus API is the absolute core of the product. We are fanatical in our belief that Circonus should be as open and customizable as possible. It is because of this we started with the API, and expanded the API, as we built the product around it. This gives our users infinite control and access to their data. Learn More…

Open. Customizable. Integrates with Existing Tools.

“The API is always at the forefront of our development efforts. It’s a sad day when meeting a market requirement is a differentiator.”

Theo Schlossnagle, CEO, Circonus

A Decoupled Architecture: Scales Components Independently

Circonus was built to scale how you want and when you want. This allows you to meet your current requirements knowing that you cannot outgrow the product as your needs increase.