The Circonus Platform

Monitoring Without Limits™

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Designed and built by SREs

The Circonus Platform was designed and built by enterprise infrastructure engineers who were fed up with the lack of insight the current tools provided. They designed and built a whole new platform from the ground up.

Platform Components


Using the Circonus Unified Agent, you can integrate any data, at any scale and receive real-time alerts on what matters to you. Circonus also supports OpenTelemetry to quickly and easily ingest all your telemetry data.

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Monitoring & Alerting

The Circonus platform was designed different. All the streaming data is monitored as it is received and alerts are created before its put away, leading to more timely notifications and alerts.

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Visualizations & Reporting

The visualization and reporting interface enables you to build powerful, real-time dashboards to see insights across the entire stack.

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Time Series Database

Circonus created a brand-new time-series database, IRONdb, designed to handle billions of records per second and return that to you just as fast, No averages, no sampling.

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Circonus Analytical Query Language (CAQL) is a best-in-class query language enabling you to do complex modeling and scoring with just a few simple steps.

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Managed Services

Unlike other platforms we don’t leave you on an island. Our managed services offering ensures that you are always running, always monitoring. Because enterprise-class means enterprise reliability.

Performance at extreme scale

The Circonus Platform is the only monitoring and analytics platform capable of handling unprecedented data volume, up to billions of metric streams, in real time to drive critical business insight and value. If your business depends on your ability to perform, Circonus is for you.

Our technology

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Fast, seamless integration with any tech, at any scale

The Circonus Platform makes it easy to seamlessly integrate any technology, at any scale, for out-of-the-box, full-stack integration via its API in minutes. Circonus enables customers to connect their systems, and visualize and monitor their data in real time.

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Redefining real-time telemetry intelligence

The Circonus Platform’s patented histogram technology enables unparalleled handling of high sampling frequencies, at intervals as fast as a millisecond, allowing users to see a more complete and real-time picture of their underlying systems. In addition, machine learning capabilities provide predictive, highly accurate insights that give customers a strategic advantage in building business value.


Easily combine business and operations metrics in graphs and dashboards that clearly show operations impact on business performance.

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Real-time alerts

Analyze data in real time with Circonus’ ability to handle high frequency telemetry data. Incoming data is analyzed in the ingestion pipeline, enabling true real-time alerts.

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Advanced analytics

Rely on machine learning to automatically set a “new normal” as your operations dynamically change, without you having to manually change anything.

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Everything revolves around APIs — so do we

The Circonus API is designed to evolve as customer needs do, allowing users to programmatically adjust their monitoring and alerts as their architecture changes.

Use client libraries for Python, Ruby, Java and other languages to configure alerts and programmatically adjust your system architecture.

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